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The Art and Architecture of Berlin – A Photoessay

These pictures were taken during a summer break in Berlin.  We’ve tried to capture the multifaceted beauty of this city.

Fotografiska – Worth Every Kroner Paid

By Lakshmi:

Who?  Anyone interested in art, photography, visuals or exploring new dimensions to photography as an art form.  And of course for anyone seeking the best views of Stockholm.

What? Fotografiska, the Swedish Museum of World Photography

How? The museum is located in a beautiful building on the water at Stadsgardsleden 22.  Entrance is SEK 110 and allows access to all exhibits.

Why?  First the exhibits.  There were a couple that I absolutely loved.

Helena Blomqvist: Helena painstakingly crafts models and props for the backdrop of her photography.  She takes societal issues and finds a way to marry her props and photos to create powerful visuals that drive the point home.  I had not heard of Helena before today, but was impressed enough to buy a poster of her work, a hurt monkey sitting in a hospital bed surrounded by shades of yellow and gray.

Steve Schapiro:  Shame on me for not knowing this talented photographer to date, but he was the one who took that infamous fingerprint left by the bathtub by Dr. Martin Luther King’s killer.  There were pictures of Mohammed Ali, Martin Luther King, Andy Warhol, David Bowie and others, but the part I enjoyed the most were the photos taken by Schapiro on the sets of Taxi Driver and The Godfather.  I love De Niro and these pictures just make me love him more!  I sat for several minutes watching him in Taxi Driver and The Godfather, all part of the exhibit.

And of course, even if you are not into photography or art, go pay the fee to enjoy a cup of cappuccino with a biscotti admiring the priceless views of Stockholm from the café’s life size windows.  Do not rush this part.  Just sit in the comfortable couches and soak in Stockholm at its best.