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Ilha Grande – Famed Brazilian Beauty at its Best

These pictures were taken during a Spring trip to Rio Di Janeiro.  We took a much recommended day trip to hike Ilha Grande and had an absolutely spectacular day.  To read more about our day, click here: http://pauperswithouttravel.com/2012/04/28/three-women-an-eduardo-spectacular-scenery-and-tough-hiking-one-memorable-ilha-grande/

Beauty from the beginning of our journey
A beautiful church
A few idyllic pousadas along the way
We saw views like this all day
We met the most talented weaver!
Gorgeous people! We looked on with envy.
What is that on the sand?
Azure is no longer just a dictionary word.
Can water look any more beautiful?
It wasn’t just the water. Look at these mountains.

The Star Ferry- A Hong Kong Essential

By Siddhi: 

Who?  Anyone who wants to get from either Central or Wan Chai to Tsim Sha Tsui across the Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong while simultaneously enjoying a stunning city skyline.

What? The Star Ferry, one of Hong Kong’s most popular tourist attractions and a key commuter service for locals. There is also a Harbor tour service called the “Shining Star” that provides an especially beautiful experience at night against a completely lit up city.

How? The main Star Ferry piers are located at Central and Tsim Sha Tsui (Kowloon Point). On Monday to Friday, the adult price for the upper deck is $2.50 (Hong Kong Dollars) and the lower deck is $2.oo. Children twelve and under only pay $1.50. On Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays, the adult fee bounces to $3.00 and the children’s fee to $1.80. It is very reasonably priced for quite a memorable ride down one of Hong Kong’s most significant features.

Why? Although the ride is short and sometimes a bit rough, the Star Ferry is the most convenient mode of transport between key regions of Hong Kong and really simulates what it feels like to commute in one of the most incredibly diverse cities on the planet. From people-watching to watching the skyline come to full, roaring life with its million lightbulbs of breathtaking beauty, the ferry allows for a fully immersive experience in Hong Kong lifestyle . You are likely commuting with tons of locals, and what you can pick up about the way of life in the city from their demeanor can be culturally enlightening. Just let loose, and allow the splendor of the Victoria Harbor and the metropolitan charm that surrounds it to swallow you whole. It’s a simple way to see the heart of an awesome city.

To learn more about the Star Ferry, you can visit their website here: