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The DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Hotel Boston – Cambridge /The Idyllic Location

HIlton DoubleTree Suites in Boston

By Rohan:

When you’re visiting one of America’s most historic cities, it feels like it would take another revolution to find a hotel to accommodate the family. The DoubleTree Guest Suites has been our choice time and time again when we visit Boston thanks to its beautiful waterfront location and its spacious rooms despite being in the middle of all the action. Despite being in the heart of downtown Boston, the DoubleTree feels as if it is located on its own island. On one side is the sprawling metropolis home to excellent museums, succulent restaurants, and boatloads of history, and on the other is the intellectual haven of Cambridge, home to Harvard University and MIT.

The DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Hotel Boston – Cambridge is a stone’s throw away from Boston University. From here, you can catch the T train to Quincy Market, the Museum of Fine Arts, the New England Aquarium, and other terrific New England attractions. As suggested by the name, every room in the hotel is a suite consisting of a living room area, a bedroom with two queen beds, and a large bathroom. If you are traveling with a group or prefer more space to spread out, this hotel will suit you perfectly.

In addition, the DoubleTree’s rooms all have two windows: one facing the Charles River or the city and the other looking inwards to the hotel’s beautiful atrium. Whether you enjoy the reflections of skyscrapers of Boston while reading a great book or people watching from high above the lobby, the DoubleTree has you covered. And who could forget those irresistible cookies you receive as soon as you check in.

The DoubleTree is also packed with amenities most downtown hotels have to sacrifice for more rooms. This includes an indoor swimming pool, a huge fitness center, and three elegant restaurants. If you are looking for some late night entertainment, catch a stand-up comedian or a jazz band at Sculler’s Jazz Club. The breakfast package is not complimentary, but for a small fare, it gets the job done.

We highly recommend choosing the DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Hotel Boston – Cambridge the next time you plan an adventure in Boston.

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Bright Angel Trail at the Grand Canyon – A Hot, Challenging Hike

Grand Canyon View

By Lakshmi:

The Grand Canyon is one of those truly beautiful places chiseled by nature whose spellbinding beauty simply leaves you speechless.  Throughout your time there, you cannot but help admire the hues, textures and formations created over several million years.

We had heard that hiking at least one trail in the Canyon was the best way to experience the richness of what it had to offer, including the rugged rock formations and the amazing vistas.  So, when the Park Service recommended Bright Angel Trail as a good hiking option for those with a day to spare, we decided to experience it.

The trail is called a “maintained dirt trail” and is steep.  In fact, as you approach the start of the trail, you are met with a warning sign about how an experienced  hiker met her end on the journey due to the lack of water.  There are ample warnings to bring adequate water.

With two large water bottles in our possession, we felt ready to tackle the 1.5 mile stretch in each direction.  As we commenced our walk, it felt fairly easy-going downhill and we stopped periodically to just admire the views, especially since with every bend, it seemed like the view was a bit different.  Slowly the walk got harder and more slippery.  We stopped to chug plenty of water and maybe 30 minutes into our hike, one of our two bottles of water was done.

The heat and the dryness contributed to some intense thirst and to keep ourselves hydrated, we also sucked on the Starburst candy that we had adequate reserves of.

Somewhere along our hike, Siddhi led the way and climbed an area which was very tough to get to and impossible to climb without a lot of  maneuvering .  We all followed and while we were greeted with some spectacular scenery, we realized that we were horribly lost.  The vision of having little water and being stranded somewhere on this trail seemed very real.

Luckily, presence of mind and the ability to track down people’s voices put us back on track and soon we were at the 1.5 mile point rest area.  We were tired and thirsty.  And despite being fairly fit, the hike was tiring.  Just then, the person next to us commented that coming down was easy, but going up was treacherous.

After a brief rest stop, we commenced our upward climb.  This time, the water was being guzzled down more frequently and soon we were out of it completely.  The path was slippery and treacherous.  And we each had to make short stops at different times to maintain our endurance and keep climbing.  We had some gum that we chewed on, but the need for water was intense.  Without the water, our only hope was to keep at it so that soon we would come close to water and civilization.

I have to say that the last 45 minutes of this uphill climb felt like it lasted an eternity.   Every bit of energy we had was sapped and drained and all four of us desperately needed hydration.  Suffice it is to say that when we got back up and got our first bottle of water, we looked back and smiled that we had completed this trail.

If you ever find yourself in the Grand Canyon and want to hike a trail, do listen to the advice offered and carry more water than you think you will need.

To learn more about the Bright Angel Trail, click here.


A Half Day 26 Glacier Cruise – Prince William Sound, Alaska

By Lakshmi:

Who?  Anyone who is visiting Alaska, has a stop in Anchorage, has a day to spare and would love a day filled with indescribable beauty.

What? 26 Glacier Day Cruise offered by Phillips Cruises and Tours.

How? You can do what we did, which is rent a car and drive an amazingly picturesque 60 miles from Anchorage to Prince William Sound to catch the cruise or take a train or motor coach to Prince William Sound.  The cruise costs $139 for adults, $79 for kids and there is a $19.95 tax.  The Alaska Tour Saver Book offers buy one get one free coupons making the whole experience more affordable.

Why?  First, the ride from Anchorage to Prince William Sound along the Seward Highway provides absolutely stunning vistas.  Once you get to Prince William Sound, you board a five-hour cruise to see the 26 glaciers.  The glaciers are absolutely spectacular, the hues in their color just hard to put into words and standing aboard the deck literally within touching distance of these glaciers is magnificent.  We actually saw blocks of ice break off and fall into the water.  While the intent of the tour is certainly to see a number of glaciers, the journey offers so many more compelling reasons on why a visit to Alaska must be on everyone’s radar.  We saw bald eagles, harbor seals, killer whales, sea otters and a mountain goat all in their natural habitat.  We saw more flora and fauna per square inch than most other places.  While we spotted many of these on our own, our park ranger navigator’s commentary helped us see so much more.  Please do bring a pair of binoculars, maybe a couple or you are stuck waiting to borrow one from your neighbor and risk missing a sight!

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