Ever had Koshari? It’s flavor fusion nirvana!

By Lakshmi: During multiple trips to London, we’ve walked by Koshari Street, this tiny, narrow restaurant in Covent Garden that serves up killer “make your own” Koshari.  Koshari (also known as Kushari or Koshary) is an Egyptian dish that originated in the 19th century. Given we were never at Koshari Street around meal times, we […]

Are birthdays meant for indulging in Michelin starred dining?

By Lakshmi: The answer is a resounding YES!  Especially when you happen to be living in a town that has a Michelin starred restaurant in its backyard.  And when you spot the restaurant’s exact location during an intense hike, your desire to indulge is escalated to astronomical proportions. This is how I ended up at […]