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Can an airport inspire poetry? Heathrow sure does!

By Rohan:
A little girl plays with her mother’s hair.
She twirls it in one arm and lets it go like a wind-up toy.

Her hazel eyes gaze into the window of a Harrods, the store’s iconic bear staring back at her.
She’s enchanted by the plush toy, hypnotized.
Next to the family is an older man, probably Spanish or Portuguese. 
His cardigan suggests he was once a professor but his face resembles that of an artist, a Picasso or a Neruda. 
His arms are crossed, a worn messenger bag is tucked between his feet. 
On his right arm is a bracelet. 
A memento from a grandchild or a reminder of a distant friend. A friend that might be waiting on the other end of his boarding pass.
Next to him, an Indian woman. 
Her intricate earrings match the pattern on her sari, her solemn eyes stare wistfully into the distance.
She’s looking for someone, thinking about someone. Her feet rest on her suitcase. Feet that show experience like rings on a tree. 
I’m just a fish in the ocean.
The fly on the wall.
The traveler in the airport.
After six hours here, I’ve stopped seeing people.
I only see stories.
They may not be true, but they’re real.
They’re screaming.
They’re everywhere.
For this is Heathrow, the world’s truly international airport.

A Small Photo Slice Of A Foodie’s Trip To Italy

Here is a photo journey through some of the food gazing and grazing we did on our last trip to Italy.  The sad part is that this is such a small microcosm of everything that Italy has to offer!  Roman Cacio e Pepe, Ligurian Pesto and Focaccia, Prosecco, Lambrusco, Fresh Mozzarella di Bufala, the list of things we love go on and on….what are your favorites from your travels to Italy?

Italy Food 1 Italy Food 2 Italy Food 14 Italy Food 4 Italy Food 5 Italy food 6 Italy photo 1 Italy Photo 7 Italy Photo 8 Italy photo 10 Italy photo 12 Italy Photo 13Italy Food 15

A Sincere Thank You From the Wanderlust Souls at Paupers

Kualoa Ranch, Oahu, Hawaii

By Lakshmi:

Today marks a very special milestone for us at Paupers.  It is our 2ooth post and in just over five months we have had over 13,000 visitors from around the world visit our little alcove in cyberspace.

I want to take a moment to extend a sincere thank you to each and every one of our readers.  Through our posts and your feedback, we have been enriched with the ability to network with other wanderlust souls across the universe who continue to encourage us each day.   To us, writing about travel is sheer joy….the fact that you all chose to read us is a real privilege.

As mentioned in our posts, we start and end our days thinking about travel.  We talk incessantly about trips we have taken and places we would like to go to.  When anyone talks about their travels, we jump right in to listen.  We take equal joy in the actual act of travel as we do living vicariously through the adventures of others.

We dream about locales, people, hotels, hikes…there’s just too much out there to experience.  We devour frequent travel blogs to see how we can squeeze in yet another trip without breaking the bank.  We read twitter feeds from a multitude of hospitality companies, design firms, restaurants and more to keep us dreaming.  Our home and electronic devices are brimming with books, articles, tips and pictures that keep tempting us each day.

There is so much to do and experience and having the ability to share a little slice of our joy/adventure and tips with you all just makes our life complete. And please continue to share your incredible experiences with us! We want to continue the dialogues, the exchange of stories is what makes this so tremendous.

Thank you once again from the bottom of our hearts and please keep visiting and sharing your thoughts.  You complete our circle of life!