Wishing You All An Amazing 2013 Filled With Awesome Experiences

Nine months ago, we launched Paupers Without Travel as a platform to express the joy experienced by our souls every time we touched a place new or familiar, tasted foods known and unknown and discovered deals that would help us fund one more trip without breaking the bank.  Did we expect to get a few […]

A Photo Journey Through Tokyo’s Disney Parks

Tokyo has two Disney parks – Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea.  Both live up to Disneyland’s claim of “Being the Happiest Place on Earth”  While it was awesome to see yet another Disneyland after Florida, California and Hong Kong, DisneySea simply blew us away.  You can read more about our adventures at Tokyo DisneySea at http://pauperswithouttravel.com/2012/10/28/tokyo-disneysea-a-sea-of-fun-and-happiness/

Tokyo DisneySea – A Sea of Fun and Happiness

By Lakshmi: (Updated September 22, 2014) Who?  Anyone who is a Disney fan, loves amusement parks/rides, wants to experience the magic of Disney in a foreign locale, is traveling with kids, wants to have fun or simply wants to observe how organized things are in Japan will appreciate this experience. What? Tokyo DisneySea is one of […]