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DesignTorget – A Stop for Design Fans and Beyond

A DesignTorget Store

By Lakshmi:

Who?  Are you into the clean look of Scandinavian design?  Do you want to get gifts that are unique? Do you admire design with a superb marriage of form and function?

What? One of DesignTorget’s 17 stores across Sweden and Oslo including ones at the train station in Gothenburg and Stockholm.

How? Just go to the url at the end of this post and find a store in Scandinavia convenient to you.

Why?  I discovered this shop by accident when I had time to mull around the train station in Gothenburg.  Created in 1993 as a platform for unemployed designers and inventors, the store has an amazing range of products that span interiors, toys, books, kitchen utensils, jewelry and beyond.  A selection committee meets regularly to decide what products will make it to the store.  Among the more interesting finds during my excursions across their Valgatan and train station locations in Gothenburg and the train station location in Stockholm were:

– A comic cover book which was essentially embedded with herb seeds or flower seeds – a perfect ready to plant gift for a child

– A spaghetti server whose handle has a built in cheese grater

– Portable plastic flower vases that lay flat and yet stand up when filled with water

– An expensive bike helmet which looks like very fashionable head gear rather than a bulky traditional one

To learn more about DesignTorget and look at their products, please visit their website at


Earn Bonus Points/Miles/Cash Back with a Little Homework when Shopping Online


By Lakshmi and Siddhi:

Just recently I discovered what mile and point junkies have known for a long time.  That shopping online at your favorite sites with just a bit of planning can add a lot of bonus points to your frequent flyer/hotel/cash back accounts.

So, last night as my daughter had to get a couple of dresses for formal events at school, off I went to evreward.com to check the deals they had.  Evreward is a shopping portal where you can go to a single site and look at all the deals available for your favorite store.  It lists coupon codes, special offers from Visa/Mastercard and most importantly the loyalty program rewards you can get for your purchase with that merchant.  Here’s how my much-needed purchase translated into over a 1000 points gained.

  • Since I have a Chase Sapphire card, it showed me that if I went to Chase’s Ultimate Rewards portal, I would get 10 points per dollar if I shopped through that link.

  • So using my credit card’s user id and password, I got to the site and went to the Kohl’s site from there.

  • Once we had selected the dresses, I used the 20% off plus free shipping coupon code listed on evreward and got the discount off my purchase.

  • When I checked out, I used my Chase Sapphire card to charge my purchases.

So, while it might seem like a lot of work to get a few points, it took exactly 5 extra minutes for me to do the research, get the codes and be on my way.

In those 5 extra minutes, instead of getting 100 points for charging $100 on my credit card, now I will be 1000 points richer and have saved 20% off my purchase and got free shipping as well.

Going forward, I plan to do a check at evreward prior to any online purchase. While I do not plan to shop more because of the points, I certainly hope to make every dollar spent on every day purchases count towards our ultimate goal – to travel for less.

To learn more about the evreward, click here.


London In A Day- Things To Keep In Mind


By: Rohan

Welcome to London! The only city where the glitz and glamor of the United States intersect with the old traditions and architecture of Europe, the crossroads where past meets present to fuel the future. Parts of the city are quaint with little coffee shops dotted with fresh plants and delicious pastries while other parts are as bustling and hectic as the heart of New York City. In twenty-four hours, you see all the city has to offer without breaking the bank. Here’s how:

1. Travel by Foot: London is famous for its public transportation. It is a sprawling city connecting by the famous underground subway system, beautiful above-ground trains, and of course, iconic double-decker buses. Add up your fare prices and you are looking at a staggering number. London isn’t cheap. The best way to avoid this is by using your own two legs. It’s easy to walk from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey without feeling the need to soak your feet in cold water. Some of the best sights can be caught only while on foot. You can’t get a picturesque view of the Tower Bridge majestically watching over the glimmering Thames from a taxi cab. Well you can, but it will only last a split second before it ducks into a tunnel or swerves on to another road.

2. Immerse Yourself Entirely: London is filled with history and there’s something to see everywhere you look. When you dine, dine with the history, not away from it. Why eat at a Cheesecake Factory when you can grab a few cheap  sandwiches and eat on a statue in the middle of the beautiful Trafalgar Square? Why go for your usual cup of coffee at Starbucks when you can enjoy a delicious, reasonably priced ice cream cone adjacent to the Tower of London. The choices are endless and the views are all equally gorgeous.

3. Enjoy the Journey: London is filled with secrets. If you travel by bus or train, you can miss out on some of the charm that makes it unique from any other city in the world. For example, by walking from the shopping hub that is Piccadilly Circus back to our hotel, we encountered stores you would never see in the United States. For example, Hamiley’s, a six story tall toy store that makes the Times Square Toys R’ Us look miniscule. While it is definitely crucial to see the landmarks (Big Ben, Tower of London, etc.),  these little stops that make your trip to London different from your neighbor’s trip to London. And window-shopping never broke the bank (if of course, you control yourself)!

4. Do Your Homework: Thankfully, most of London can be seen with the eye. Big Ben for example, is not an attraction that comes with an admission ticket and tour. However, there are some attractions like the London Eye and the Buckingham Palace that require tickets and time for tours. Before you travel, make sure to think of the three things you want to cover in a day. Any more and you will be so tired that you won’t want to enjoy the sights around you. Make sure to get tickets in advance and research when attractions have short waits. Usually, the line for the London Eye will suck up a good hour of your day. But when we went, five minutes of research at the hotel helped us save time and we got our tickets in no time.

Of course, may of these tips seem more self-evident. But there are ways to see London in a feasible way without compromising the experience!