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Art, Science and Imagination Create An Enthralling Harry Potter Experience

By Lakshmi:

Harry Potter has been a dominant force in our lives for many years now.  With two kids growing up with the franchise, we’ve lived through the hysteria of new book releases at midnight, the pressure to finish the books before the movie releases and oodles of spend on memorabilia.  So, on our recent trip to London, it was no surprise that the Warner Brother’s tour of the Harry Potter sets was the number one priority for the kids.  I resigned myself to a day dedicated to their happiness…no museums, no walks; just an overdose of Harry Potter.  But from the moment we stepped into the studios, I found myself completely mesmerized and in awe of one woman’s (J.K. Rowling’s) imagination that had spawned everything that we saw.  Even a non Harry Potter reader like me could not believe the perfect marriage of art, science, design and imagination that kept us enthralled for many hours.  Here’s just a small glimpse of what we saw.

3-Fifteen: Good Clothes, Good Coffee, Good Hearts

By Rohan: 

3-Fifteen is a quirky little store on Marshall Street, adjacent to Syracuse University’s main campus. It is a thrift shop-coffeehouse combination proposed and run by students at the Martin J. Whitman School of Business and Management. While these passionate students own the place, they welcome others to join in on their cause to give back to those in need while providing quality goods for Syracuse locals.

When you step into 3-Fifteen, you immediately are reminded of a boutique in Northern California. Everything is handmade, stylistically unique, and the quality is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. Fashion and design students are actually making the clothes on the spot! They are putting the latest technologies to the test and trying to go green while still producing some awesome apparel. Everything from shirts and pants to the quirkiest of accessories can be found in this small, boutique-style thrift shop. Home goods are a new addition to the mix, with items influenced by different parts of the world.

Head downstairs and you’ve hit Cafe Kubal, a coffee shop that only uses the finest ingredients and imports its syrups. Sounds fancy, but the reality is thanks to university support and funding, the coffee costs no morethan your typical Starbucks. Three dollars can buy you a small latte, adorned with Kubal’s signature “latte art” and sweetened with fresh vanilla or soothing caramel. Your options are endless here, and if you want to see students in action making clothes for a good cause while getting in your afternoon coffee break, there is really no better place to be.

One of the neatest concepts of 3-Fifteen is that you get to choose where your money goes to. You make a difference every time you purchase something because the store allows you to decide the organization you want your purchase to go towards. It’s a really interesting concept and since university funding backs the project, it is sure to stick around for years to come.

Check out Syracuse University’s 3-Fifteen and Cafe Kubal, located on Marshall Street across from the Sheraton hotel:



Union Square Holiday Market – A Treasure Trove For Unique Gifts

An aerial view of the market
Source: urbanspacenyc.com

By Lakshmi: 

Who?  Anyone who is in the New York City area and is looking to pick up an eclectic collection of gifts for the special ones in your life.  It is also a lovely place to spend a few hours drinking and eating foods from New York and around the world.

What?  The Union Square Holiday Market is a collection of 150 vendors who come together under a holiday themed set up to display, extol and sell their wares.

How?  The market is located at Union Square right above the subway and you really can’t miss it.  For those who have been to the Union Square Farmer’s market, this is at the same location.  The market is open through December 24th daily.

Why?  For many a person out there, shopping and eating in one of the most amazing cities in the world is a perfect excuse to make your way to this holiday market.  From custom-made french truffles (“do not bite, let it melt” was our tasting instruction) to Turkish lamps,  unique maritime and religious pieces (“My boyfriend’s father used to be in the navy in India, is this from there?” was a question heard) to lovely bags crafted out of a single long zipper, from hot ginger tea from China to the infamous cookies from Momofuku, from handmade beauty scrubs and lotions with salt from the dead sea (look at how soft your skin feels after this treatment!) to tights painted with Japanese flowers and umbrellas, the list of items is endless.  To grab any last-minute gifts, head out here before December 24th.

For more information on the market click here: