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Grilled avocado and mango sandwich in 15 minutes!

By Lakshmi:

Those who have read a few of my posts know my routine!  I get a few ingredients out and let them guide me to an impromptu lunch.

Today, here’s what I had in my trusted fridge.

Whole grain bread, lime, cilantro, mango, avocado, red onion

I’ve read of folks making mango salsa. Of course, I love guacamole. So I thought why not bring the flavors together?  Here’s how I assembled this sandwich.

Trim the bread.

Squeeze lime juice generously on both bread slices and sprinkle with salt and pepper (you could use taco seasoning or lime flavored mayonnaise instead).

Layer sliced mangoes, avocados, chopped onions and cilantro on the bread.  Sprinkle some pepper.  Here’s what my assembled sandwich looked like.

Cover with the second slice of bread and grill in a panini press or a griddle.  Cut into slices and serve with your favorite salsa.

A taste of Thai in 10 minutes

By Lakshmi:

I was famished at lunch.  I had finished an intense workout and my body was craving too many things!  If I gave it permission to indulge, I would end up negating all the benefits of a good workout.  So I gave myself a challenge to have lunch ready in 10 minutes.

As usual, I peeked into the refrigerator to see what I might have available that could be turned into a yummy meal in 10 minutes flat.  Here’s what caught my attention.

image (23)
Whole grain bread, peanut butter, Sriracha sauce, basil and spring onions

The ingredients suggested the flavors of Thai cuisine and I decided to create open face, finger sandwiches that would play to all my cravings!

I lovingly spread a nice layer of crunchy peanut butter on the bread.  Next I zig zagged my way over the bread with Sriracha sauce.  On went the finely chopped basil and spring onions.  The ready sandwiches went into the toaster to be toasted for five minutes.  Once they were out, I cut each slice into four slender pieces.  My lunch was ready to eat in 10 minutes flat.  The sandwiches looked beautiful and tasted delicious with one improvement for the next time.  I should remove the crust so it looks perfect:)

image (22)
My Thai inspired sandwiches are ready to eat




Street Foods in Mumbai – These are a Few of My Favorite Things


By Lakshmi:

Anyone who has spent any time in Mumbai knows the joy of eating out!  Not just eating out, but eating off roadside stalls.  I know what you are thinking….am I recommending a sure way to get sick in India?  No, of course not.  But if you go to the right places, there is no place like these to snack and eat to your heart’s content for very little money.

Pani Puris:  How does one describe this?  The best way to describe it is little puffed balls of fried dough, popped open and filled with a mixture of pulses and veggies and served dunked in a tart tamarind sauce.  The crispness of the puris, the freshness of the veggies/pulses, the sweet and sour taste of the tamarind sauce make for a dish that hits at the taste buds from multiple angles.

Misal Pao:  This Maharashtrian food for the common man is a simple but potent combination of a simple peasant bread, accompanied by the most spicy sauce which includes an assortment of pulses and spices, topped with finely chopped onions, coriander and crunchy fried lentil strips.  Honest confession…the first time I had it, I did not realize the impact the hotness would have on my system.  Suffice it is to say, I had to spend the next day in some level of isolation.  But, every time I am in Mumbai, I still indulge and pretty much every small no-name place has it on the menu.

Vegetable Sandwich:  As the name suggests, there is nothing exotic about this meal.  It is two slices of bread with veggies served with ketchup.  Now, I don’t know whether it is the bread or the veggies or the sauce, but the taste of that quick pick-me-upper roadside sandwich is hard to replicate.

Vada Pao:  This very popular street eat could be called as a local burger.  A nice rotund patty of mashed potato and spices dunked in chickpeas batter and fried to perfection is sandwiched between two slices of pao (peasant bread) and served with the most garlicky coconut chutney.  How can a food-lovers trilogy of ingredients such as potatoes, bread and garlic produce anything but yummy food?

Hmmm….just writing this post makes me want to fly to Mumbai and indulge.  Unfortunately, there is a few months for that!