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The Many Flavors Of Rio’s Beach Life – In Pictures

These pictures were taken during a Spring trip to the happening city of Rio De Janeiro.  We have also shared our adventures hiking, hang gliding, favela visiting and more in multiple posts in this blog.

Rio 1

Rio 2

Rio 3

rio 4

Rio 5

Rio 6

Rio 9

Rio 10

Rio 11

Rio 12

Rio 13

Rio 14

Rip 8

Jardim Botanico, Rio – Nature’s Beauty in Pictures

These pictures  were taken during a spring trip to Rio.  We spent several hours at this oasis in the heart of Rio.  You can also read about visiting at http://pauperswithouttravel.com/2012/07/08/jardim-botanico-a-tranquil-haven-in-rio/

A beautiful fountain adds to the tranquility
A bench beckons you to relax
Soothing waterfalls create inviting nooks
The bright flowers enliven the space
One of a zillion flowers that we saw
A master weaver displays his wares
Someone plays hide and seek
Tree trunks add to the texture and depth
And Christ the Redeemer adds the ultimate grace to what we see

Climbing Sugarloaf Mountain – A Killer Workout Rewarded With Amazing Vistas

On a Spring trip to Rio, we signed up with Rio Hiking to rock climb for the first time.  We could not have picked a more beautiful or challenging climb.  Tell us if you agree!  You can also read more about our ascent in Siddhi’s post at http://pauperswithouttravel.com/2012/06/11/climbing-sugarloaf-mountain-an-unforgettable-testament-of-beauty/

Fellow climbers making their way on ropes
An idyllic contemplation spot
Cactus plants are aplenty
Simply beautiful and unusual for us
The waves hugging the rocks
Simply spectacular views
Why can’t one just stay in paradise?
Still hiking and the moon is out
It is dark and the city is lit up
At the top, at the end of a glorious hike. Simply gorgeous!