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Komala Vilas, Singapore – Excellent, Inexpensive Dining

By Lakshmi: (Updated Sept 22, 2014)

By now regular readers of Paupers would recognize that we take immense delight in our trips, whether it is an exotic destination half a world away or simply savoring a new dish locally.  And when a beautiful tropical locale meets up with some amazing food, the delight is quadrupled.

Our trip to Singapore was a high on many fronts.  We loved the fact that this tropical island was the best amalgamation between the east and west.  We delighted in the city’s cleanliness, the people’s friendliness, gaped open-mouthed at how expensive it was to own cars and of course loved eating our way through the city.

Throughout our stay, Komala Vilas, a tiny restaurant dedicated to authentic south indian food became a frequent stop.  The first time we went to this famed Serangoon Road based outpost, we were surprised at how small and busy it was.  It was still early in the day and people were hustling for breakfast and coffee.  We got a table for two and in a matter of minutes, there were others seated at the same table.

The place had no fancy menus, no fancy waiters, no frills.  They just served really good southern indian cuisine.  So that morning, we had idli’s (steamed rice dumplings) and vadas (deep friend lentil balls) and we were literally smacking our fingers.  And that’s not where our delight ended.  We got the bill and felt ashamed that they were charging us this little to eat to our hearts content.  We left a tip for the server and he gave us a look like we were crazy.

On subsequent visits, we tried multiple items ranging from their dosas (rice and lentil crepes) to a full-blown lunch plate which filled us to the brim.  Each time, the food was consistently good.

On one such visit, we were seated next to a local couple who had a very nice conversation with us.  As we were leaving, they asked us what our New Year’s plans were.  When we mentioned that we planned to ring in the New Year in Penang, they took down our hotel name and said they would call us.  A week later, the phone rang in our Penang hotel room and we got invited to a New Year lunch with our new Singaporean friends and their extended family!  And we kept in touch with them long after our initial bonding over dosas at Komala Vilas.

We have had many a family member and friend go back to the restaurant and have yet to hear a disappointing story.

Komala Vilas is located at

76 / 78 Serangoon Road
Singapore 217981
Tel: 6293 6980

You can look at their menu at:


Upcoming Vacation in a Major US City? Get the Entertainment Book

Entertainment Book

By Lakshmi:

Who?  Anyone who is planning a vacation in the US and wants to save money.

What? An Entertainment Book for the area you are visiting.

How? You can order an Entertainment Book for $35 -$50 depending on the area you are visiting.  Each book is filled with deals on local attractions, restaurants, fast food joints, local and national stores and much more.

You can review a list of books available and preview offers at


Coupons in the book can be used for over a year.

Why?  For many years, our family has purchased Entertainment Books for local savings and recovered the purchase price of the book typically with a single purchase.  We have also gifted these to friends and family.  From buying shoes to saving money at the movies, from getting 50% off or buy one get one free at many attractions, restaurants and events, the book has always provided oodles of savings.  Several years ago, we also got into the habit of purchasing these to help us subsidize our vacations.

Just recently, the $35 books for 2012 went on sale for $5 each and we scooped up two for our upcoming vacation.  Going through the list of things we want to do from jet skiing to parasailing to helicopter tours, the savings are adding up to well over a 1,000 dollars.

At Paupers, we believe in traveling without breaking the bank and for many years the Entertainment Book has been a key enabler on that front.

New York Burger Company – Keepin’ it Fresh and Classy

Yummy Onion Rings
Source: New York Burger Company

By Rohan:

“Classy” is not usually the word that comes to mind when we think of burgers. What’s so classy about greasy fries, melted cheese, and ketchup dripping down your chin?

The New York Burger Company on 23rd street is serving sliders with style. The menu provides you with basic templates and then you head over to the topping bar and watch an ordinary burger transform into a work of art.

If you want a certain topping, it is very likely that the guys at the New York Burger Company have it. Everything from bacon to guacamole to mango to tortilla chips is available at the restaurant’s massive topping bar. No two burgers come out looking the same.

All of us at Paupers are vegetarian, and luckily, the New York Burger Company suits our dietary restriction by providing a surprisingly large amount of options. Salads, grilled sandwiches, and the restaurant’s signature black bean burger can satisfy any herbivore’s appetite.

What’s a burger without fries? The New York Burger Company has several options for you to choose from when it comes to this essential side dish. Idaho fries, crinkle cut, and sweet potato are just a few of their delicious array of french fries. Everything is made from scratch here and its awesome to see a restaurant that cuts the potatoes for your fries right in front of you.

We can’t recommend this place enough.  Check them out at: