Mumbai, Gateway to India

Mumbai: Stuck in the Middle

When you step off the plane at Mumbai’s sleek international airport, a few things immediately happen: One, you’re instantly overwhelmed by the city’s scale. Before stepping out of the terminal, you get a sense for just how massive the experience that awaits you is. After all, this is a megacity of 25 million people crammed […]

Can an airport inspire poetry? Heathrow sure does!

By Rohan: A little girl plays with her mother’s hair. She twirls it in one arm and lets it go like a wind-up toy. Her hazel eyes gaze into the window of a Harrods, the store’s iconic bear staring back at her. She’s enchanted by the plush toy, hypnotized.   Next to the family is […]

Life reflections at the Reflection Pool in Madrid

  By Rohan: I am not religious by nature. I was never forced to abide by my parents’ religious beliefs and I try to learn about all faiths to gain a greater understanding of people. It recently occurred to me that I’m a very spiritual person. Not spiritual in the sense that I look to […]