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Macabre, Gruesome, Entertaining Or Opulent – The Tower Of London In Pictures

No visit to the Tower of London is complete without listening to the macabre tales told by the Beefeaters.  As you listen to these tales, the walls, gates and displays seem to come to life to tell their stories.  Were you enthralled or taken aback by a visit?

The Beauty Of St. Paul’s Cathedral, London – Inside And Out

These pictures were taken during a recent Spring trip to London.  Despite having visited this landmark many times in the past, going there near closing time gave the spot a particularly tranquil feel and our first glimpse at the night-time view was priceless!

To read more about why St. Paul’s is London’s ultimate vantage point, click here:


Our Day in Alexandria, Egypt in Pictures

These pictures were taken on a Spring day trip to Alexandria from Cairo.  It is a city seeped in history and a beautiful escape.  You can read more about our day at http://pauperswithouttravel.com/2012/06/21/a-day-trip-to-alexandria-from-cairo-you-can-do-it-on-your-own/

The train to Alexandria
Alexandria’s sea face dotted with palm trees
The stunning exterior of the library
Another view of the exterior of the library
A view of the interior of the beautiful library
As far as the eyes can see – Alexandria
One of many divers that constantly look for sunken treasures
Another view of the seafront
A couple chatting privately in a public space
Another couple in their own world