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The Fractured Prune- A Delicious Breakfast Treat

Yummy creations at the Fractured Prune

By Rohan: 

If you find yourself in Ocean City, Maryland as we prepare to embrace for chilly fall weather here on the East Coast, make sure to check out the Fractured Prune. Despite the rather unusual name for a dessert place, this small pastry shop with several locations along the Ocean City Boardwalk is doing donuts a little differently. While your traditional Dunkin Donuts offers pre-made flavors, The Fractured Prune takes the fried delicacy to a whole new level by allowing you to completely customize your donut-eating experience.

What does this mean? You start out with a plain, old-fashioned donut. From there, you get to choose a flavor of frosting. The Fractured Prune offers everything from the typical vanilla and chocolate to the obscure frosting top such as blueberry and maple syrup. Once your donuts are nice and sticky, its time to select toppings. Here, you can go the more traditional route and stick with sprinkles and nuts, or try adding graham cracker crumbs to make a donut taste like Grandma’s apple pie.

In addition to serving delicious handmade donuts fresh from the fryers, the Fractured Prune offers a lively and colorful dining experience. From serving their steaming hot donuts on frisbees to use later at the beach to 50’s memorabilia plastered all over the walls, this is an Ocean City attraction that you don’t want to miss.

If you are taking kids to the area or just want to splurge on a sugary snack for yourself, look no further than the Fractured Prune! For more information about their Ocean City locations, check out out http://www.fracturedprune.com/menu_oc.php