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Oh dear carrots – you’ve warmed my heart on a cold winter day!

They sat there in the fridge looking expectantly at me on a cold winter day.  The little bag of baby carrots, waiting to be let out and begging me to unleash some creativity.

Hunger and not necessity is sometimes the mother of invention.  So, I took the carrots and blanched the entire contents of the little bag.  And then very simply tossed these warm carrots with tahini, olive oil, berbere, green chillies, fresh coriander, mint and lemon juice to create a salad that was the perfect, healthy lunch.  It really is as simple as mixing these ingredients, but if you need a more precise how-to, here it is.


One small bag of baby carrots (One pound bag)

Two tbsps tahini

One tbsp olive oil

Two tbsps chopped coriander leaves

Two tbsps chopped mint leaves

Two tsps berbere (or paprika or one tsp chilly powder)

One hot green chilly finely chopped

Juice of half a lemon

How to:

Mix all the ingredients and serve hot or cold as a salad or side dish.  If you have a few pomegranate seeds, you can use these for a colorful garnish.

Spending Labor Day with the Boss- An Unforgettable Night In Philly

By Rohan:

A sweaty Bruce picks up his vintage Fender Telecaster, raising her to the cloudy Philadelphia sky and giving her a gentle kiss. The crowd goes absolutely insane. The horn section of the E Street Band blasts the intro to “Death to My Hometown”. Bruce is motionless, he’s looking at the ground, holding his guitar like he was King Arthur after pulling the sword out of the stone. As the horns quiet down, the clouds part, and the Philadelphia skyline emerges like a ghost, its twinkling lights providing the perfect backdrop. Bruce steps to the microphone and roars:

Oh no cannonballs did fly

No rifles cut us down

No bombs fell from the sky

No blood had soaked the ground

His words are simple, but his message is eloquent. The Asbury Park native is a powder keg about to burst with passion for his homeland. The crowd settles with the music and begins chanting along. All of Citizens Bank Park is now a giant chorus, singing along with the Boss’ anthem about depression and unemployment.

The stadium resembles the one described in “Wrecking Ball”. “Through the mud and the beer, the blood and the cheers, I’ve seen champions come and go“. The faint smell of cigarette smoke joins the post-rainstorm aroma to create the perfect concert atmosphere. The crowd has gathered from Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey to hear Bruce’s triumphant vocals.

And Bruce didn’t let anyone down.

The concert raged on for three and a half hours, as Philadelphia joined in celebrating the American Dream while remembering its dark beginnings. Songs about anger, love, hate, and war filled the cloudy sky. In the middle of his set, Bruce pauses.

He remembers writing a song one summer evening, when fireflies filled the sky. He then turns to the crowd and asks for one favor–to allow him to immerse himself in that night. In unison, Philadelphia pulls out their cell phones, creating the illusion of twinkling fireflies in the night sky. Bruce sheds a tear of nostalgia, smiles, and whispers “Thank You” into the microphone and begins his next number.

The B&H Superstore New York City: A Media Lover’s Fantasy

By Siddhi: (Updated Sept 23, 2014)

Who? Anyone who loves photography, filmmaking,  music, or the media arts in general and wants to experience a one-of-a-kind, over the top shopping experience in the Great Apple.

What? The B & H Photo and Video Superstore in New York City.

How? The store is located at 420 9th Avenue at 34th Street in Manhattan. Several subway lines stop at 34th street. The most convenient method would be taking the A, C, or E line to the 34th Street station at 8th Avenue and walking from there.  You can also take the M34 bus which stops at 9th Avenue right in front of B and H.

Why? The first time I walked into the B & H superstore in New York City, I think my high-school self probably experienced some sort of an adrenaline-induced heart attack. The “super” in the store’s title was in no way overstating the grandeur of the place. This was my birthday, Christmas, and every other exciting holiday of the year combined in the glory of a single multistory building. Sheer wonder for the media junkie.

As I looked above me, conveyor belts carried packages in the air in a labyrinthine motion, as if I was part of the workings of intricately designed clockwork. And that’s exactly what it was.  The mega shop has so many background workings to keep it running that you can’t help but look around you in complete awe when something  as ordinary as purchasing batteries at a register turns into a complex series of belts, chutes, and complex machinery snaking up and down floors.

If you’re looking for something you haven’t been able to find in other media stores, especially obscure photo and video accessories, chances are B&H will have it (and that too, in abundance). I recently set off to begin shooting a documentary on a rather minimal budget and was looking for specialized audio/video tools that I couldn’t find in any local photography shops. When I walked into B & H, I was led by the first class staff to shelves of accessories manufactured by different brands and suddenly went from fearing for the production of my film to being overwhelmed with just how many possibilities there were.

Walking into the store can most definitely be intimidating, but the staff will work one-on-one with you to tailor your store experience to what’ll most benefit your creative endeavors.   It all sounds a bit geeky, but if you’re into any sort of production, the B & H superstore is a nirvana.

Just make sure you have a solid block of time in your schedule (and maybe some money). Because once you walk into the doors of this enchanting domain, leaving is no easy task.