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New York Comic Con 2012- A Pop Culture Haven

New York Comic Con

By Rohan: 

Comic Con is an event that is held every fall in the Javits Center in New York City and every July in San Diego. New York’s version of the event was held from October 11th to 14th this year and featured a wide variety of artists, celebrities, game designers, and web programmers. The convention was open to the public but sold out fast due to upcoming and past superhero movies in the making, new consoles on the horizon, and the hottest video games available for early access. While the exhibitors make the Comic Con experience worthwhile, it is the culture that brings the event to life and creates a truly magical atmosphere. Guests arrive dressed in vibrant costumes ranging from Batman to the TARDIS from Doctor Who. Every spectrum of popular culture is covered at New York Comic Con, and the sheer variety in exhibitors is what makes the spectacle must see every time it rolls into town.

The main reason you go to Comic Con is to see video game, movie, and comic book culture come to life. And New York’s event does not fail at showing you the latest in the industry. See real movie props and meet actors, artists, and behind-the-scenes staff members that make the comic book world come to life. At the 2012 event, I was able to catch a glimpse of Tom Felton (Harry Potter series), as well as meet the cast of the hit web-series Red vs. Blue, Christopher Lloyd, Adam West, and members of The Walking Dead.

If you aren’t a huge comic book junkie, don’t fear! Comic Con also focuses heavily on the movie and gaming industries. While the occasional long line can sometimes get in the way of accomplishing everything on your Comic Con bucket list, what the content developers bring to the show floor is unbeatable. I was able to watch a clip and get hands on experience with Assassin’s Creed III, the upcoming Wii U console, and try out Kratos’ next adventure in the new God of War title. In addition, Marvel, DC, and Legendary Pictures made memorable appearances, boasting props from older movies while pumping up upcoming ones.

If you want to take a trip down Memory Lane, the best exhibitions to go to are the Nintendo and Lego booths. See your favorite fantasy and science fiction characters sculpted out of the world’s most popular toy at the Lego booth. This year, Master Chief, Gandalf, The Hulk, and others joined the cast of Lego-created masterpieces. The Nintendo Booth is another great place to let the kids roam free and try out some of their favorite games. With plenty of 3DS consoles to go around, you can try the latest Mario adventures before they even hit store shelves.

New York Comic Con is an unbeatable event that focuses on gaming, film, and comic book culture. Cosplayers dressed as famous figures from the industry, celebrities, and the cast and crew that make it all possible can only be found at the Javits Center when this event hits the city. Make sure to get your tickets early for next year, as they do sell out relatively quickly.

Note from Rohan: I will be cutting together a short video of my Comic Con experience. Please check out www.youtube.com/brokrishnan(my YouTube channel) for an upcoming sneak peek into the convention.

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Strand Book Store NYC- A Reader’s Haven

By Siddhi: 

Who?  Anyone who loves reading or has an interest in specialized books, music, and rare publications. And especially those who enjoy losing themselves in a labyrinth of endless history and creativity.

What? The Strand Book Store on 828 Broadway in New York City (in the East Village at the corner of East 12th Street). This is the main store. There is also a kiosk in Central Park.

How? You can walk on Broadway until you reach the store or take a subway to the Union Square subway station using the 4, 5, 6, L, N, Q, and R lines. Once you’re at Union Square, turn onto Broadway.

Why?  I passed Strand all the time walking from Washington Square Park to Union Square. I didn’t explore it at first because I thought it would be just like any other book store in the city. One day on whim I decided to walk in, and my search for good reads in the Great Apple has never been the same. The store occupies 55,000 square feet of space and houses new, used and out-of-print  literature, film, music, and rare books of every niche on its multi-level property. As a movie lover, I first made my way over to the books on film and was blown away by the unbelievable, never-ending shelves of books I have never heard of in my life. There were expansive collections of interviews from directors I never knew ended up publishing papers and theories on cinema and its production. If you look close enough, you can end up finding signed copies of books from notable filmmakers, musicians, and writers just laying on the shelves of Strand. It really is an amazing place for anyone who loves the arts. The store also has a section dedicated to very unique stationery and New York City themed clothing and accessories. You walk into Strand thinking you’ll spend ten to fifteen minutes in the store, and end up exploring for hours.

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