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Abergavenny Castle – Photos Of Ruins from 1075 AD

Located in the picturesque town of Abergavenny in South Wales, the Abergavenny Castle is a lovely escape to times from several hundred centuries ago.  The castle ruins tell the stories of Welsh bravery and massacres over the centuries.  It is a beautiful spot located a short walk from the Abergavenny town center with stunning views of the Brecon mountain range.  You can read more about the castle at http://www.castlewales.com/abergav.html

The Abergavenny Market – A Visual Journey With Food, Music and More

By Lakshmi:  

The Abergavenny Market, located in the town of the same name in South Wales is a colorful introduction to a smorsgasboard of local foods, crafts and more.  One hundred plus vendors spanning indoors and out bring the heart of this town to life on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.  We gorged on Welsh cakes and olives, admired handmade guitars, woodwork and jewelry and learnt a few Welsh recipes as well.