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Marriott Sky City Hong Kong- A Peak Season Delight

Marriott SkyCity Hong Kong

By Siddhi: 

Staying at airport hotels has never been a part of the way we like to travel. We love getting a place, no matter how small it is, in the heart of the city so that we can walk out the front doors in the morning and be swallowed by a new life and new culture. Much of the thrill of adventuring has been in trying to live in the epicenter of all action. But sometimes, booking a hotel during peak seasons on a budget proves to be a very trying task. Especially when you’re in one of the most popular cities in the world around Christmas and New Year’s time.

Last December, after spending winter break in Tokyo, we decided to stop in Hong Kong before coming home because it has mutually remained one of our favorite cities in the world regardless of how many new places we experience. Hotel prices in the soul of the city were ludicrous. So we decided to stay at the Marriott Sky City, located just a few minutes away from the airport.

Sitting right on the banks of the stunning South China Sea that is geographically the touching stone of so many oriental landmarks, Sky City feels like a luxury resort on every level. An indoor pool, full service spa, expansive golf course, and tremendous gym with specialized amenities (it was my favorite part of the hotel. I could work out at three in the morning and watch the planes land gracefully in the distance against the nighttime lights) are only a few among the many perks of paying less during peak season and staying near the airport. The buffet breakfast (additional cost) at the SkyCity Bistro was very comprehensive and ensured a filling, uplifting start to long days of fun and exploration in Hong Kong.

Another highlight was the complimentary shuttle service to the Tung Chung MTR subway station, which was how we connected to the rest of the city. It’s about a 35-40 minute ride to Tsim Sha Tsui, the hub of all culture and action in Kowloon (and to this day one of my favorite places on the planet). The commute isn’t ideal, but time flies watching locals and observing the beautiful seascapes through the train windows.

If you’re not visiting Hong Kong during the peak holiday season, then try to look for a hotel near Tsim Sha Tsui. Deals surface constantly. But if you are visiting at a time when hotel prices are through the roof, consider staying close to the airport at Marriott SkyCity. It was worth every penny.

JW Marriott Hotel, Cairo – A Deal Ropes Us In, The Value Leaves Us Content

By Lakshmi:

As soon as we knew that we could redeem frequent flier miles to fly to Cairo on Egypt Air, we started looking for hotels that would be safe and offer a great value for the money.  Since I have worked for Marriott, have such fond memories of my time there and know some awesome people working behind the brands, I always look to see what is available locally. In this particular instance the cost prohibitive rate of $450 a night for an executive junior suite with lounge access seemed like a pipe dream.  That was until I saw an email stating that the company was having a sale and one could stay in a suite in the Middle East/Africa for as low as $100 a night.

Scanning the Marriott website, we were able to find the same junior suite for under a hundred dollars.  With lounge access providing free breakfast, snacks and drinks, we decided to snag the deal.

First, for those desiring a downtown Cairo experience (which is usually our preference), the property is situated close to the airport.  And there is nothing that is within walking distance of the hotel.  However, if you want a refuge from the hustle and bustle of downtown Cairo, the property is a haven.

Our room was lovely and spacious (see picture above).  Our breakfast in the lounge was very good each morning.  Plus, once we were done with breakfast, we could take some water and fruit along for our day trips.  In the evenings, we could have a cup of coffee, snacks or drinks, making us feel like we had hit the jackpot in terms of value.  The value added services also included a free shuttle to downtown Cairo and to the nearby Star of Africa mall, a service we used multiple times.

Unlike other trips, we tapped into the concierge quite a bit to help us find locations and particularly to write down addresses in Arabic.  The service provided was responsive and efficient.

On a couple of instances, coming back dead tired from a day trip, we did eat our meals at the hotel and the food did not disappoint.

When a hotel can be an enabler, it leaves you feeling so much more satiated about your overall experience.  And for us, the JW Marriott in Cairo did exactly that.

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