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Flavorpill – A Tool For Cultural Awareness

By Lakshmi: 

Who?  If you want timely access to information about events, art, books, music, and pop culture in several major cities.

What?  Flavorpill is a website that claims to be a network of culturally connected people and helps bring what’s going on in about ten cities to your fingertips.

How?  You can access Flavorpill at www.flavorpill.com and also sign up for regular updates from the site.

Why?  I am a big fan of the Time Out websites and magazines that bring you everything from sights to see, to art to take in and to food to devour in major cities around the world.  In some ways, Flavorpill attempts to serve a similar need.  But unlike its Time Out brethren, it narrows its focus to just cultural events and happenings.  Given our proximity to New York City and an ongoing search for things  to do that are off the beaten track, Flavorpill appears to be a true enabler.  I just discovered Scott’s Pizza Tour to try different pies in the city, Stephen Power’s (the Muralist’s) New York City Show, free classes from General Assembly to understand API’s, and much more.  From a usability standpoint, having a sampling of each area at a glance drew me in and tempted me to learn more.  I was a bit surprised to see Brooklyn listed separately from New York, but that just means we can do more targeted outings to Brooklyn too.

Today, Flavorpill curates cultural happenings in New York, Brooklyn, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Las Vegas, Seattle, Dallas and London.

If you have used Flavorpill to enable your cultural endeavors, we would love to hear from you.

Coolhaus Takes Ice Cream Truck Offerings to a New Level

A Coolhaus Ice Cream Sandwich

By Lakshmi:

It was the perfect 4th of July.  We walked around Union Square Market, had lunch at Tortaria and were ready for dessert and decided to chose between the four ice cream/frozen yogurt offering trucks parked smack in front of Union Square.

The Coolhaus truck caught my attention with its unique name.  As explained on the truck, it was a play on three different words: Bauhaus: a modernist design movement, Rem Koolhas: the Dutch architect, and hand cookhouse: an icecream sandwich with a cookie floor and roof and icecream walls.  Who would have thought of that?  A later googling session revealed that the founder of this brand was an architect out of UCLA who started her business with a remodelled postal truck during the recession.

Now on to the ice cream.  The whole concept is based on creating your custom ice cream sandwich.  You pick a cookie type, pick an ice cream, and presto you have a custom made ice cream sandwich.  The cookie varieties span the spectrum from chocolate chip and peanut butter to gluten free coconut almond (and includes vegan ones) and the ice cream flavors range from the usual to the more unusual ones like Red Velvet Cupcake.

Let me warn you that the ice cream is not cheap.  It is six dollars for a sandwich, but this is no mini ice cream sandwich.  It is a colossal treat packed with ice cream and even for an ardent dessert lover like me, finishing it took time and left me completely stuffed.

We tried the Gluten Free Coconut Almond Cookie with Dirty Mint Ice Cream, Chocolate Chip Cookie with the Nutella Ice Cream and Double Chocolate Chocolate Cookie with Lemon Ice Cream.  Each of our sandwiches were very good and Siddhi proclaimed that this was the best gluten free dessert she had ever had.

So, if life or work finds you on a hot, sunny day in the NYC, LA or other areas where Coolhaus has its trucks parked, do take some time to indulge in an ice cream sandwich.

To learn more about Coohaus, their offerings and locations, click here:


Traveling for the Comic Book and Video Game Junkie

New York Comic Con

By Rohan: 

For students, summer is a time for relaxing under the sun while reading a good book or devoting time into beating a hard video game instead of studying for a biology exam. Meanwhile, Hollywood is hard at work adapting our favorite comics into silver screen, big-budget productions. Living on the East Coast, we feel separated from the tinsel town magic used to bring our favorite characters to life. However, there are plenty of opportunities throughout the year to learn a bit more about how a panel from a comic is transformed into a blockbuster production.

The best way to do this is to find a convention near you. The west coast is blessed with events like San Diego Comic Con, PAX Prime, and the E3 Electronics Exposition in Los Angeles. However, the east coast is home to some little-known events that are comparable to our neighbors out west.

This September, the famous Comic Convention that takes place every year in sunny San Diego is coming to New York City. The event runs from the eleventh to the fourteenth and tickets are on sale now. For those of you who aren’t familiar with New York geography, NY Comic Con is located at the Javitz Convention Center, a stone’s throw away from Penn Station. Living in New Jersey, this is a godsend.

For Video Game fans, the best place to catch up on all the latest news and products is PAX East, located in the Hynes Convention Center in Boston. If you book your tickets ahead of time, you can reserve a room in the lovely Marriott Copley Place, a stunning and towering hotel that is built on top of the convention center. The convention is over this year, but if you’re interested, stay up to date on next year’s events.

Speaking of PAX, if you want to go to one of their events (either PAX East in Boston or PAX Prime in Seattle), I highly recommend booking your hotel reservation through their website. Companies like Penny Arcade offer fantastic hotel deals that are unavailable any other time in the year. When conventions roll into town, that’s usually a sign for hotel owners to spike up prices. However, PAX does something very unique in the sense that they allow your ticket to act as a coupon. You can get a great downtown hotel for 75 dollars instead of the usual 200 dollars.

Conventions are a ton of fun, but they can seem stressful and unwelcoming to first-timers. However, if you are savvy enough, you can definitely enjoy the convention and a nice hotel room without breaking the bank.

For more information on New York Comic Con, visit their website at