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Don’t Fancy Beer? Don’t Skip A Visit To The Guinness Storehouse In Dublin!

By Lakshmi:

I’m not a beer drinker.  In fact, I don’t even fancy beer.  But Guinness is an essential part of the Dublin scene.  Arthur Guinness and his achievements are interwoven with the history of the city and his majestic complex is hard to miss when walking across Dublin.  So, regardless of whether a pint of the drink appeals to you or not, here are five reasons to live the Guinness experience!

1. You’ll experience some pretty interesting architecture & design – You start your tour in the atrium in the world’s largest pint glass!  In fact, there is an impressive, massive custom sculpture in there as well.


2.  You pick up lots of factoids on how Guinness is brewed – interesting cocktail conversation material.


3. You can take a walk through time and space and watch Guinness commercials from around the world. (You can kind of feature in one too!)


4. You’ll be lost in the maze of Guinness memorabilia and can drop a pretty Euro!  (We had to splurge on a pair of personalized glasses).

5.  You will see some of the most panoramic views of Dublin from the Gravity Bar.

Of course, for all you beer lovers, the icing on the cake is the pint you will drink at the end of the tour.

PS.  This attraction is a pricey one, but is included in the Dublin Pass.  One more reason to get the Pass.

You can learn about the Guinness Storehouse and plan a real or armchair visit here!


Five Reasons Why Kilmainham Gaol Is a Must Do in Dublin

By Lakshmi:

No matter how brief your visit is to Dublin, you MUST squeeze in a visit to Kilmainham Gaol.  Here are our top 5 reasons for doing so.

– You get an amazing lesson on Irish history in under two hours

– Regardless of whether you like history or not, the stories will move you

– From romance to tragedy, patriotism to hunger, brutality to redemption, you will hear it all

– Your tour guides will be the most passionate story tellers

– You will be transported from fact to fiction when you realize this jail has been featured in many a movie including “In the Name of the Father”

And if you are one of those people who needs pictures to be convinced, take a look at these.

You will need tickets to visit this prison.  To learn more about planning a visit, click here.


To read more about the jail, click here.