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Hotel Tonight: Last Minute Half-Priced Finds

By Rohan:

This weekend, my uncle and eleven year-old cousin came to town to help me celebrate my graduation. Since he had some business to take care of in Boston, he decided to take me and my brother along for some fun in the city.We love Boston, and usually have a motley of hotel options to choose from, especially since we go so frequently, whether it be for conventions, festivals, or simply getting away without breaking the bank. On the train ride there, our uncle gave us some shocking news: we don’t quite know where we’re staying.


He reassured us, told us not to panic, and opened up a fancy new app on his smartphone: Hotel Tonight. He was able to book two rooms at the Copley Square Hotel (a review to follow) for a little less than $160 each. This property is situated right in the heart of downtown Boston, with plenty of shops, restaurants, and tourist attractions within walking distance. How could this little app give him such a big discount?

Every day at 9:00 am, Hotel Tonight releases multiple properties per city in many cities in the US and abroad. Each property is discounted (sometimes up the 50%).  It’s like a game of roulette, sometimes you will land a huge discount at an amazing property, while in other cases, it might add some inconvenience to your trip.  Either way, we highly recommend picking up Hotel Tonight.  Living an hour away from New York City, a day trip to Manhattan can easily turn into an overnight one thanks to this useful tool.  Best of all, Hotel Tonight is completely free, and runs incredibly smoothly with a welcoming interface on both iPhone and Android devices.  Just another piece of travel tech making seeing the world that much easier!

 Thanks Hotel Tonight for your deals and discounts! Consider us a loyal customer!

Tripit – A Joyful Discovery for Organizing Travel Plans

By Lakshmi:

Who?  Anyone who is planning a trip and wants to organize their stream of reservations in one handy spot.

What? Tripit is a website and a phone app.

How? Just go to Tripit.com and sign up for an account.  Download the app for your phone and you are ready to go.

Why?  As avid travelers, we thought we had it pretty good when we eliminated paper on our travels and had all our travel plans in a folder on email.  Boy….were we living in the dark ages compared to what Tripit offers.  Just this afternoon, I went to Tripit.com and signed up for an account.  I then proceeded as instructed to email my airline, hotel and car rental reservations to the email address provided and within seconds, my Tripit account had an organized itinerary for me with all my details chronologically arranged in a single spot.  The usability of the site was simply superb.

I was already delighted, but there were a few more pleasant surprises to come.  I had one of my reservations as an email exchange and the service simply slotted this as a note in my travel outline.  It also plotted the drive from the airport to my hotel.  Additionally, it showed me all kinds of special offers from Groupon and others on things to experience at my destination.

I proceeded to download the app for my iPhone and now my entire travel plan is literally at my fingertips.  I have not done this yet, but the service also lets you share your plans with family and friends.

To learn more and sign up for this service, visit http://www.tripit.com/

Travelling in Tokyo independently? These two apps sure helped us out.

By: Lakshmi

Who?  Are you spending some time in Tokyo?  Do you prefer taking local transportation and venturing out on your own rather than take tours?

What?   Two iPhone apps enabled us to navigate Tokyo like pros.

How?  Prior to our trip, we downloaded trains.jp and Basic Japanese for Dummies from the iTunes apps store

Why?  With trains.jp, we just typed in our origin and destination and the app would immediately give us multiple route options with travel times and fares.  We never had to fumble at the machines trying to figure out how much money we needed or where we needed to change trains.  With the app at our fingertips, we just zoomed through the city for a whole week, never stopping once to ask for directions.  Sweet indeed!

With Basic Japanese for Dummies, we had frequently used phrases at the touch of a button.  And not only could we read these phrases, we could just play them and feel so empowered!

We love it when technology enables us to do what we love …….travel independently!!!