Walking the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco; A Photoessay

She is an undisputed beauty, one that has been a constant presence in welcoming me with her outstretched arms from up in the air and down on land, during my many visits to San Francisco.  So, it was just a matter of time before I showed my respect and gratitude by arriving at her doorstep. […]

How to do a weekend trip to Basel and Lucerne on a budget

By Rohan: When my friend from the Syracuse University London program pitched the idea of meeting up in Switzerland, my eyes instantly lit up. The Swiss Alps have always been a dream destination for me. I was simultaneously enchanted by their beauty and spooked by their mythical tales. I booked my flight with trepidation, knowing […]

First Impressions of Madrid: Europe’s Hidden Gem

By Rohan: From Gaudi-filled Barcelona to festive Ibiza, Spain appears to be the king of European coastlines. I remember falling in love with Barceloneta beach, its sunny shores the perfect complement to a fruity Tinto de Verano. It is hard not to fall in love with the Spanish people. I know I did, and that’s […]