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Drink the world in Downtown Syracuse

By Rohan:

Step into Wolff’s Biergarten on Montgomery Street and all of a sudden, you are transported from a chilly Syracuse evening to a festive indoor biergarten. The space is complete with the signature wooden tables, flags from Germany’s provinces, and passionate soccer fans leaving their worries at the door in exchange for a pint of Hofbrau München and a good time with friends.

When I walked into Wolff’s this weekend, I felt like I was back at Munich, knocking back a beer under a starry night in the English Gardens. For a city its size, Syracuse is home to an abundance of international restaurants and bars. Last night, I was determined to see it all; to taste the world without leaving downtown.

From Wolff’s, we headed over to Benjamin’s across from the famed Italian eatery Pastabilities. We traded our jolly German digs for a speakeasy themed to the heroes of the American Revolution. The walls are adorned with portraits of Franklin, Jefferson, and Hamilton. A giant replica of the Constitution welcomes patrons as they relax on the outdoor courtyard and marvel at the night sky.

Just down the street is Kitty Hoynes, a pub that serves as a testament to the strong Irish population in the Syracuse area. Stepping in through that threshold, I was whisked away to festive evenings in Dublin’s Temple Bar district. A duo performed classic Irish tunes onstage as locals gathered around, cradling glasses of dark, frothy Guinness as they celebrated life with complete strangers.

My friend and I smiled as we watched a gorgeous spring day turn into a chilly winter night. We marveled at the great Irish artists that plastered the walls, from Yeats to Joyce to Bono. The cold mugginess was suddenly normalized. We were in Dublin, a city that fights grey skies with good times. Last night, Syracuse proved to do just the same.

Kids Or Adults – The National Museum Of Scotland Is Intriguing And Fun

By Lakshmi:

On our recent visit to Edinburgh, we learnt that Dolly, the first cloned sheep resided at the National Museum of Scotland (well at least her taxidermied model did).  This set off a whole series of questions from my daughter on cloning, the pros/cons and more. This impetus was all that was needed for us to spend an entire afternoon perambulating the exhibits at this free museum.  The museum reminded us of our life in the Washington DC area – except here you had highlights crammed from four Smithsonian Museums into one.  Here are our top five reasons for visiting and you can see some of it in pictures below:

1 – Dolly of course!


2 – The spectacularly designed Grand Gallery which features a virtual journey around the globe


3 – The Natural World Gallery featuring a large collection of animals from the pre-historic ages to the present time



4 – The Scottish History Gallery which brings the history of the Scottish people to life with artifacts spanning food, culture, war and more.


5- The scientific displays that helps kids learn


If you have visited, we would absolutely love to hear from you.

If you’d like to make your journey more interactive, you can do so with these apps provided by the museum:  http://www.nms.ac.uk/national-museum-of-scotland/discover-the-museum/museum-apps/

Abergavenny Castle – Photos Of Ruins from 1075 AD

Located in the picturesque town of Abergavenny in South Wales, the Abergavenny Castle is a lovely escape to times from several hundred centuries ago.  The castle ruins tell the stories of Welsh bravery and massacres over the centuries.  It is a beautiful spot located a short walk from the Abergavenny town center with stunning views of the Brecon mountain range.  You can read more about the castle at http://www.castlewales.com/abergav.html