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The NY Times, A Physician, And Christian Bale – All Point to Pembrokeshire, Wales

By Lakshmi:

Authors, travelers and adventurers have waxed eloquence about the beauty of Pembrokeshire, Wales.  Is it our new home in Wales or is it the beauty of the rugged coastline that keeps pulling me towards stories about Pembrokeshire?

A few months ago, the NY Times travel section had this to say about walking the Welsh coastline.  “…….I could no longer resist. Particularly alluring was the Pembrokeshire Coast Path in southern Wales, with those cliffs tumbling down to heaving seas.”  The recommendation was to slow walk and take a multi-day walking adventure.  A casual conversation with a doctor who had studied in Wales ended with a passionate urge to visit Pembrokeshire.  And then, of course, came the discovery that one of our favorite actors Christian Bale was from there!

With a day at our disposal and armed with maps of the area, we decided to make the 2.5 hr drive from our home to Pembrokeshire.  Our target for the day was to head to St. Davids, Britain’s smallest city, and take one of many recommended hikes.

After a quick lunch at the visitor center, off we headed in the direction on the map.  After feeling utterly lost a couple of times, we discovered the path that would take us from the town to St. Davids Head.  I could write volumes of prose on the oohs and aahs that echoed as we took each twist and turn on the journey, but this is a perfect example of where a picture is worth a thousand words.   Take a look at the beauty that greeted us and you will know why returning back to Pembrokeshire and doing all the walks recommended below by The Guardian has propelled this destination to the top of our list!


Discovering Ottolenghi – The Seeds Of Love Towards A Chef Are Sown

By Lakshmi:

On a recent Sunday morning in the UK, reading through the pages of the Guardian, I discovered a chef named Ottolenghi.

Yotam Ottolenghi as I discovered later is a Israeli born, European trained chef who writes a weekly column entitled The New Vegetarian for The Guardian. He owns several successful restaurants in London and is a bastion of bringing fresh flavors and foods together to create simple, healthy concoctions that please the palate and are good to the body.

On this occasion, he was waxing eloquence on the addition of coconut, “I must point out that the chewy texture of the freshly grated flakes contrasts brilliantly with the more yielding beans.”  The dish being prepared was Sprouted Broccoli and Edamame Salad with Curry Leaves and Lime.  Suffice it is to say that I wanted to eat the salad right there, but had none of the ingredients on hand.

Tonight, back home in the US, I recreated his vision in my kitchen.  The fresh tender spears of broccolini complimented the crunchiness of the Edamame.  The coconut, mustard seeds, red chilly, curry leaves and lime added zip and zang to an incredible fusion of beauty and flavors.  The outcome was a dish that looked absolutely beautiful (see the picture above and tell me if you agree) and tasted like something you would be served in a tropical paradise many miles away.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on the recipe, just scroll towards the middle of the page on this link to bypass the chicken recipe and get to this one.


If you give the recipe a try, do drop us a line and let us know your experience.  Stay tuned for more posts on awesome salads we’ve discovered as we continue to nurture the seeds of love for Ottolenghi.