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Fall on the Hudson in Photos

These pictures were taking during a fall tandem bike ride across the Hudson last year. We rode from Greenwich Village to Harlem and back, and the sites reaffirmed that the Hudson River underneath the fall sun is among New York’s most breathtaking experiences.


looking out



skyline glisten



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water glisten

Shop And Support Local Design Talent At TheMarketNYC

Source: TheMarketNYC

By Lakshmi:

Who?  Anyone shopping for holiday gifts in New York City or wants to peruse local talent in the Greenwich Village area.

What? TheMarketNYC is a pop up store that features local artists and their products.

How? The store is located at 159 Bleecker Street in New York City.  It is located in the heart of Greenwich Village.

Why?  The Greenwich Village area is home to a variety of vintage stores, local design shops and many a famous designer.  We happened upon this store on one of our routine walks around the Village, saw the sign, heard interesting music and entered.  The store is essentially a collection of stalls featuring eclectic objects made by local artists and designers.  Funky jewelry, yummy smelling soap, bags reflecting NYC scenes, handmade leather wallets, music by local artists, you can find all this and more.  Not knowing what to expect, we thought things would be really pricey.  You can find indulgences big and small and this is an interesting place to peek into for your holiday gift giving and beyond.

Ayza Wine and Chocolate Bar

By: Siddhi

What’s more fun than classiness on a West Village fall night? Classiness and chocolate. Of course, anyone acquainted with my favorite part of New York City is well aware that the quaint yet tremendously lively part of Greenwich by the Hudson boasts no shortage of elegant evening experiences. But equipped with my serious sugar bias, I have to say that Ayza Wine & Chocolate on 7th Avenue South has definitely been one of the most memorable food experiences of my village days thus far.

Part of it was probably being with some great company, but even if I had gone alone, I would have been irresistibly coaxed by the warm seductiveness of the Ayza ambience. The realest electric candles, the subtle yellow and orange color scheme, and the slick and narrow outdoor dining area illuminated by the welcoming but not too effusive car headlights makes Ayza socially first class and yet intimate.

We ordered a chocolate fountain with fruits and brownies (oh yeah, brownies dipped in a pool of rich chocolate sauce.  Diabetes on a fork right there, but hey, you only live once), New York cheesecake drizzled with chocolate sauce, and some special red wine. All of it just hit the spot.

But the highlight of Ayza was undoubtedly the discovering of serenity in a perfect downtown alcove.  Greenwich Village away from Washington Square Park is a relatively quiet part of the city to seek sanctuary, but at night, as life flares up again, it’s sometimes difficult to find that much-needed intimacy with yourself or a few others.

Ayza may not be the prime crowd retreat, but for smaller gatherings, dates, or even solo ventures, the wine and chocolate bar is a West Village gem that surely does not disappoint.

To learn more, visit Ayza’s site here: