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Mythos at Universal’s Islands of Adventure

Mythos Restaurant

By Rohan: 

Amusement parks are known for their towering roller coasters, white-knuckle thrill rides, and refreshing water slides. Theme park critics praise these institutions for constructing record-breaking thrills and entertaining kids and adults of all ages. However, we rarely see critics go nuts for amusement park food. It’s usually the same thing; pizza, cotton candy, and funnel cakes. You can’t walk into a theme park expecting a delicious, quality meal… or can you?

Over Spring Break, my family decided to take it easy in the theme park capital of the world, Orlando. Situated on International Drive is Universal Studios’ sister park Islands of Adventure. While Islands boasts two awesome roller coasters, a collection of great dark rides, and a few spots for the kids to hang out, it also has one of the best amusement park restaurants I’ve ever eaten at.

Mythos is located in the Lost Continent section of the park. The area is themed well… a lost continent. The culture is unknown and seems to be a mix of Middle Eastern, Greek, and Roman heritages.  The restaurant is shaped like a giant mountain with sculptures of Greek deities embedded in the rocks. Inside, you are treated to a beautifully themed restaurant that does not go over the top with gimmicky props. It is majestic, elegant, and a refreshing place to catch a great meal in between two rides. Mythos takes commonplace menu items like pasta, burgers, and salads and puts a Greek twist on them that make them taste truly unique. Their Fettuccine Alfredo with balsamic vinegar, asparagus, and sun-dried tomatoes is a meal fit for an Olympian. The servings are decent and the service is relatively fast (we were in and out in about forty-five minutes).

Mythos wants guests to have a comfortable and delicious dining experience but respects the fact that you are probably at Universal for the rides. Nonetheless, it is a worthy pit stop on your theme park adventure. One very important piece of advice is to go there as soon as you get into the park and make a reservation. If that’s too stressful for you, you can book your reservation online, at your participating Universal Orlando hotel, or at the Universal City Walk tourist center.

A Walk Across Galata Bridge: An Istanbul Must-Do

By: Siddhi 

Who?  Anyone who wants experience a slice of Turkish culture on foot and see Istanbul outside the lens of commercial tourism.

What?   Galata Bridge covers the Golden Horn (the part of the Bosphorus that essentially divides Istanbul and creates the historic harbor that throughout history has housed Ottoman, Greek, Roman, and Byzantine ships for thousands of years).

How?  If you’re staying in the heart of Istanbul, you are generally walking distance from Galata. If you’re further away, take the Istanbul Metro which has the majority of its lines traveling to or near the Galata Bridge area.

Why?  This seems to be a consensus among many travelers who have visited Istanbul in the last five years or so: it seems as if the city, including Old Istanbul which is supposed to be the hotbed of raw Turkish life and culture, has compromised itself for the explosion of the tourism industry. The industrialization of the historically significant city is lamentable, but it’s still possible to see how the people of Turkey live by taking off on foot and allowing yourself to get lost. Walking across Galata Bridge gave us true snapshots of day-to-day Istanbul life. Fishermen lining the sides of the bridge in a uniform and almost poetic motion, people from all walks of life commuting back and forth on a single road, and stunning views of the entire city and its landmarks that put Istanbul as a larger entity into perspective. Walking Galata makes you forget you’re a tourist and puts you in the shoes of the people of Turkey. And that is truly a rewarding and memorable experience.

View from Galata Bridge