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Gothenburg, Sweden’s Second Largest City In Pictures

These pictures were taken during a summer week in Gothenburg.  This was a last minute trip to Sweden and we feel very blessed to have covered this culture-rich coastal city which we otherwise may have never visited.  To read more about visiting Gothenburg, please visit our posts on walking, visiting museums, seeing the archipelago and more…

Gothenburg 1
The street where we stayed and the very convenient trams
Gothenburg 2
The opera house
Gothenburg 3
A boat ride around the city
Gothenburg 4
A map showing some of the key neighborhoods
Gothenburg 5
A funky, colorful, enticing university building
Gothenburg 8
A home on the archipelago
Gothenburg 9
More waterside homes
Gothenburg 10
A walk through the heart of the city
Gothenburg 11
The theatre
Gothenburg 12
Sculptures dot the city
Gothenburg 12
Summer foliage in full bloom
Gothenburg 14
One of many stunning works at the Art Museum
Gothenburg 15
The Design Museum
gothenburg 16
A small section at my favorite store – DesignTorget

Ibis Malmo – Our First Intro to This Accor Brand is Disappointing

Ibis Malmo
Source: Hotel Website

By Lakshmi:

Siddhi and I recently had to spend a night in Malmo, Sweden and the recommendation provided to us was the Ibis, Malmo.  Given our positive experiences with other Accor brands, we expected our first foray into the Ibis brand to be satisfactory.

However, the stay ended up being a disappointing experience, driven primarily by the service.

First, I want to clarify that this property located about 15 minutes away from Malmo Central is neat with breakfast served on premise, clean functional rooms with free wi-fi and a large grocery store across the street.

However, if you need any form of support, the staff simply did not care.  Given our extensive travels, we are fairly self-sufficient individuals requiring minimal support from our hotels. But in this case, even minimal support was non-existent.

– Given my platinum status with Accor, I asked if breakfast was included.  They said they were busy and would let me know.  The next morning, when I asked, I was told abruptly that I would have to pay for breakfast.  After saying yes to the receptionist, we went to the breakfast area to be told we can’t have breakfast without the right vouchers.  So, we returned back to be given vouchers hastily.

– Given it was our first night in Sweden, we had little cash and asked if they would exchange money.  They simply said no.

– We needed a taxi and asked them to request a taxi which would accept credit cards.  Turned out after using the taxi, the driver informs us that no credit cards would be accepted.  When I asked the receptionist for help, she simply stated that I could drive across the street to the grocery store and get cash…with no offer for any form of assistance.

– The next morning, I asked the attendant about train schedules for Gothenburg and she simply stated that she was very busy and I should call the number myself and get the information.

Granted, the Ibis is a limited service property and while they genuinely may not have been able to address some of our needs, surely they could have at least pretended to be somewhat helpful.

Needless to say, we will be thinking twice before staying at another Ibis property.

In case you want to look into this property, they are located on the web at:


Our First Foray into Radisson Blus, Tempted by Points, Rewarding Regardless

By Lakshmi:

Our travels to date have never taken us to Radisson Blus.  In fact, it was just recently that I became aware of this brand as we were considering it for a business trip to Chicago.

Fast forward to our recent trip to Sweden and news of a Club Carlson promotion, and all of a sudden trying out a Radisson Blu escalated to the top of our priorities.

First, Siddhi and I registered for the 50,000 bonus point giveaway promotion at Club Carlson, which after just one night at a Radission property would give you enough points to stay a night at some of their priciest properties for free!

Next, since I was headed to Stockholm, I made a reservation at the Radisson Blue Royal Viking Hotel at the train station.  And since our last night was to be in Gothenburg, Siddhi made a reservation to stay at the Radisson Blu property across the train station in Gothenburg.

From the beginning, our experience was lovely.  I asked if I could leave my luggage in Gothenburg before heading to Stockholm, and that went seamlessly.  In Stockholm, the hotel’s location was so convenient that right after arriving by train from Gothenburg, I checked in, left my backpack, and within ten minutes was strolling the streets of Gamla Stan.  The front desk receptionist cum conceierge handed me a map to aid my travels, asking me to be a little cautious since it was a holiday and the streets were quiet.

The next morning after breakfast, the nice guy at the front desk gave me an orientation to the city, granted my 2:00 pm late check out with a smile, and asked me to make the most of my stay (which I did).

When I returned to Gothenburg, Siddhi had already checked into the property, aided by the fact that all she had to do was walk across from the station.  I retrieved my luggage and off we went exploring Gothenburg for the last time prior to our departure.

With an early morning flight, and little local cash in hand, we asked if they would charge the taxi to the room…a request again handled efficiently with a smile.

I really loved the fact that the staff at both locations were so “no nonsense”.  They listed to my requests, handled them promptly, did not fawn over with fake enthusiasm, but enabled us in our pursuits.

We are eagerly looking forward to staying at more Radisson Blus, especially now that we have points to fund our stay.

To learn more about the properties we stayed at, click below: