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Joey Tomatoes Pizza: A Boardwalk Hit For All Ages

Joey Tomatoes Pizza in Pt. Pleasant

By Rohan:

There are countless aspects of Point Pleasant, New Jersey that make us to want to come back every year. Maybe it’s the thrilling boardwalk rides or the fun but fierce games of mini golf. Wait, scratch that–it’s enjoying time with family and friends on the Jersey shore, while chomping on delicious thin crust pizza at Joey Tomatoes.

Joey Tomatoes is located in a charming yellow building and is the mix between a sports bar and your neighborhood pizzeria. With pies made to order or slices ready to hit the beach, Joey’s gives you plenty of ways to enjoy their always fresh pies. One of the main reasons why we return to Joey’s every time we’re at the shore is simply their exceptional service. You are welcomed with a smile and served by some of the nicest people on the boardwalk. The passion the cooks have for their pizza is endearing and it shows in how delicious each pie tastes when it comes out of the oven straight to your table. Whether you enjoy tons of toppings or prefer just cheese and basil, Joey Tomatoes knows how to bring New York-style pizza to one of New Jersey’s favorite beaches.

In the real estate world, location is everything, and Joey Tomatoes is perfectly situated on the Boardwalk adjacent to video arcades and fun houses. If you want to work up an appetite, challenge your family and friends to a pirate-themed mini golf course located ON TOP of the restaurant. This little perk makes Joey’s even more charming and keeps the kids entertained while you wait for your pizza to arrive.

The only real downside we see in Joey Tomatoes is that it is expensive. A pie will cost you 21 dollars, assuming you want plain cheese. However, we manage to work our way around it because when it comes to authentic New York pizza with a view of the Atlantic Ocean, Joey’s really can’t be beat.

Make sure to check out Joey Tomatoes at 300 Ocean Avenue in Point Pleasant, NJ.

The Hotel Columbina- A Comfortable Stay In Venice

Hotel Columbina in Venice

By Rohan:

Venice can be a puzzle for first-timers. It is a jigsaw of little paths, bridges, and canals with almost identical architecture throughout the city to confuse you geographically. Unfortunately, the fear of the unknown sometimes stops tourists from visiting anything but the main tourist attractions, leading much of the hotel reservations to be made at places near the tourist hubs. Luckily, when it comes to finding a place to stay, there’s a beautiful little hotel a few blocks away from the bustling Saint Mark’s Square that can provide you with an experience a bit closer to true Venetian lifestyle.

The Hotel Colombina looks like something out of a fairy tale. Its simple white walls are dotted with windows and flower baskets boasting beautiful violet lilies. Looking at the building is as much of a treat as actually staying in it. The hotel has a myriad of room options to suit your needs. From a basic studio to an elegant suite, Colombina knows how to accommodate any family. Stay in a hotel along the famous Grand Canal and you’re looking at quite a bill when you leave for the airport. The Colombina is relatively affordable and is walking distance to both Saint Mark’s Square and the picturesque Rialto Bridge over the famous waterway.

If you are going on a mediterranean cruise, the Colombina will gladly accomodate you. They have a water shuttle that is only a few extra bucks that will take you to the port right up to your ship. These shuttles also run to the train stations and to a bus stop that goes to the airport.

Arguably the most attractive feature of the hotel is its quaint decorations. The inside is cozy, resembling a typical venetian house with antique furniture. There is a small courtyard with a soothing fountain and beautiful gardens lining the border. The service is exceptional, with employees ready to meet your every need. Best of all, the rooms are large and spacious for a city that feels so narrow.

If you are heading to Venice (for either business or leisure), make sure to check out the Colombina. You can book via their website here: http://www.hotelcolombina.com/