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Au Breve Espresso- A Morning Pick Me Up

By Siddhi:

Though the high school population will shoo me away grudgingly when I say that college eight AMs are killer, they really just are the worst. Especially when your dorm and class are on opposite sides of the Village and every part of your body rattles under those cruel mid-October chills. But when you get your hands on the right cup of coffee on those unfortunate mornings (trying to be as dramatic as possible here…), everything becomes infinitely more bearable.

This morning, I discovered Au Breve Espresso tucked away in the early morning sunshine of Cooper Square in the East Village. Located adjacent to an arts preschool in the new Cooper Union building, the small but wonderfully slick designed coffee joint is a proud adopter of an initiative called the “Progressive Coffee Program”, which strives to sample the top  brews across the globe and deliver the best flavors on a seasonal basis. Which means that unlike most mainstream coffee companies that simply change the syrups of the same brews to market “new” beverages with season shifts, Au Breve actually changes what they brew throughout the course of the year. The bean origins are standout:

Colombia Cerro Del Reyez
El Salvador Andalucia COE #34
El Salvador Finca Buenos Aires Tablon #11
Ethiopia Ardi
Guatemala Chajulense
Honduras El Pinal Lote COE #8

Though my staple cappuccino order was smaller than I expected, coming in a lot tinier than what I thought their standard six ounce serving size would look like, it was simply divine.  The last time I had coffee that felt this great and satisfied my morning caffeine fix so thoroughly was at a cafe in Rome several years ago. That sentiment was fitting, considering Au Breve’s international bean outreach. In addition to its unique brews including Woodneck, Aeropress, V60, and Kalita, the coffee shop boasts a selection of breakfast pastries and post-meal desserts like macaroons and their signature rainbow marshmallows.

The real surprise on the menu? A masala chai latte! I haven’t tried it yet, but I know that I’ll absolutely be back to see if they do justice to the spices. I have faith.

Au Breve is a bit pricy considering the amount of coffee you actually get, but what you spend is nonetheless worth it. This is coffee that you can safely say was the highlight of your day, which is a big deal when you’re in Greenwich Village!

Au Breve Espresso is located between between 6th and 7th street at 51 Cooper Square, New York, NY 10003. The cafe is oddly closed on Saturdays and open on Sundays, so the best time to grab a cup off your favorite coffee is an early weekday morning when the crowds are minimal despite Cooper Union and NYU students being out and about.

To learn more about Au Breve and explore more of their offerings, click here:


Quincy Market: A Foodie’s Paradise

Quincy Market, Boston

By Rohan:

Who? Anyone who wants to experience the flavors of the world without breaking the bank and catch a glimpse of some American history in the process.

What? An indoor marketplace filled with food ranging in cultures. On one corner, check out authentic Ethiopian cuisine, on the other, sink your teeth into a sweet Belgian Waffle. The choices are endless at Quincy Market and sampling food from around the world is a breeze. The market was named after John Quincy Adams and is located in a historical building cornered off by cobblestone streets with sideshow acts and fun boutique stores.

How? The market is located in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts in the Quincy Market Colonnade (Faneuil Hall Market). You can either drive or walk, at certain times of the year the area is stunning.

Why?  Imagine the cultures of the world meeting in a marketplace to share the unique flavors they have to offer. Delicious Indian crepes called Dosas are made fresh on the spot and the Italian gelato is a little piece of heaven. Whether you just want a slice of Brooklyn pizza or feel like a Middle Eastern wrap, there is something for everybody. When your meal finally comes to a close, enjoy some of the succulent desserts the market has in store. The most unique of delicacies will surely satisfy your sweet tooth

A Little Tip: Going to Quincy Market during the holiday season is an unforgettable experience. After you’ve traveled the world, step outside for cheerful live entertainment, a gorgeous tree-lighting ceremony, and endless rows of shops to get your holiday shopping done early. The market makes for a very festive atmosphere as local rock bands perform classic holiday tunes and lights hang from the sky, illuminating kids awestruck by the giant Christmas tree. Don’t forget to say hello to Santa!

Joey Tomatoes Pizza: A Boardwalk Hit For All Ages

Joey Tomatoes Pizza in Pt. Pleasant

By Rohan:

There are countless aspects of Point Pleasant, New Jersey that make us to want to come back every year. Maybe it’s the thrilling boardwalk rides or the fun but fierce games of mini golf. Wait, scratch that–it’s enjoying time with family and friends on the Jersey shore, while chomping on delicious thin crust pizza at Joey Tomatoes.

Joey Tomatoes is located in a charming yellow building and is the mix between a sports bar and your neighborhood pizzeria. With pies made to order or slices ready to hit the beach, Joey’s gives you plenty of ways to enjoy their always fresh pies. One of the main reasons why we return to Joey’s every time we’re at the shore is simply their exceptional service. You are welcomed with a smile and served by some of the nicest people on the boardwalk. The passion the cooks have for their pizza is endearing and it shows in how delicious each pie tastes when it comes out of the oven straight to your table. Whether you enjoy tons of toppings or prefer just cheese and basil, Joey Tomatoes knows how to bring New York-style pizza to one of New Jersey’s favorite beaches.

In the real estate world, location is everything, and Joey Tomatoes is perfectly situated on the Boardwalk adjacent to video arcades and fun houses. If you want to work up an appetite, challenge your family and friends to a pirate-themed mini golf course located ON TOP of the restaurant. This little perk makes Joey’s even more charming and keeps the kids entertained while you wait for your pizza to arrive.

The only real downside we see in Joey Tomatoes is that it is expensive. A pie will cost you 21 dollars, assuming you want plain cheese. However, we manage to work our way around it because when it comes to authentic New York pizza with a view of the Atlantic Ocean, Joey’s really can’t be beat.

Make sure to check out Joey Tomatoes at 300 Ocean Avenue in Point Pleasant, NJ.