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Founding Farmers- Organic Bliss Inspired by our Past

New Orleans French Toast at Founding Farmers

By Rohan: 

When you arrive at Founding Farmers, it feels as if you have jumped into the pages of a coloring book. Vibrant landscapes of American agriculture cover the walls and statues of barnyard animals are scattered everywhere. You sit at wooden picnic-style tables, waited on by staff dressed for the occasion, and prepare for a delicious ode to American history with a modern twist.

The items on the menu feature specialties from several American cities prepared with fresh, organic ingredients. Items like New England French Toast will make your mouth water with its warm cinnamon aroma that is a perfect pick-me-up. In addition, Founding Farmers’ delicious doughnut holes caked with powdered sugar or their moist biscuits will get you energized for a day of touring the nation’s capital.

All of us at Paupers are vegetarian, and Founding Farmers takes pride in providing plenty of meatless options for people with this dietary restriction. A myriad of egg dishes, classic breakfast options like pancakes and waffles, and my personal favorite–the aforementioned french toast, make dining at Farmers feel like a feast.

At the end of a satisfying meal topped off with fresh juices and soothing coffee, your waiter hands you your bill in a small tin mailbox–just another way Founding Farmers will win you over with its childlike charm. The fun doesn’t stop at breakfast! Make sure to re-visit Founding Farmers for an entirely different menu for lunch and dinner. A word of advice: do not forget to make reservations, this place is always packed!

Founding Farmers has two locations in the DC metro area–one in the heart of our capital and the other outside in Rockville, Maryland. Find out more at http://www.wearefoundingfarmers.com/

Pigging Out…Jersey Style! The Blue Pig Tavern

Blue Pig Tavern, Jersey Shore

By Rohan:

The Jersey Shore has transformed from the land of Ferris Wheels and Funnel Cakes to Snooki and the Situation. It’s reputation has sunk to rock bottom thanks to endless reality shows and a bad media rep. However, there are parts of the shore that are quite redeeming and peaceful. If you prefer hopping from boardwalk to boardwalk, conquering everything that resembles a roller coaster in your sight, then you probably want something filling and energizing to fuel you up in the morning. Fear not, the Blue Pig Tavern in Cape May satisfies all your breakfast needs.

The Blue Pig is located inside the quaint Congress Hall Hotel. Step into the restaurant and you immediately feel like Goldilocks as you are seated in wooden benches in a room painted pink and baby blue. The decor in the restaurant provides its rustic charm. There are old antiques hung up everywhere ranging from tricycles dating back to 1930 to album covers. It’s no wonder why this place is always packed on summer mornings before beach-goers head out to soak up some sun and play in the waves.

We ordered the standard American breakfast. Buttermilk pancakes, English muffins, French Toast, and their “world famous” freshly squeezed orange juice. The pancakes were heavenly. They were light, fluffy, and packed full of flavor. If you’re willing to spend an extra buck or two, try them with fresh fruit, chocolate chips, or even nutella! It’s like eating dessert to power you for the rest of the day.

In the juice industry, the Blue Pig hits it home with some great freshly squeezed drinks. The orange-pineapple juice stole the show, blending two awesome flavors into a cup that made you feel like getting out there and playing an intense game of beach volleyball or attempting to sculpt Buckingham Palace out of sand.

For a restaurant with great ambiance and even better food, you would expect a hefty bill to come your way as soon as the table is cleared. However, this wasn’t the case. The meal was actually pretty affordable, a great bonus the restaurant has going for it.

If you are in the Cape May area, or love small beachside towns, make sure to check out the Blue Pig. Check out their website here: