First Impressions of Quebec- A French Experience in Canada

By Rohan: We checked into our little hotel in Montreal, thinking there was so much to do and see that we could never imagine conquering it all. Next to us was a family buying train tickets to see Quebec, a city that I thought was similar to Montreal in architecture and culture. I could not have […]

A Morning at a Cemetery – A Recommended Parisian Attraction

By Lakshmi: (Updated September 20, 2014) Who?  I can’t say anyone who likes cemeteries, but surely if you are someone who is inclined to authors, poets, politicians, etc., you would appreciate some time here. What? Père Lachaise Cemetery located in the 20th arrondissement in Paris is said to be the most visited cemetery in the world. […]

Sacre Coeur: A Magical Parisian Destination

By Rohan: There are several places in the world that people dream about visiting. From picturesque beaches to bustling cities, the list is jam-packed with destinations around the world. Year after year, Paris makes the list for most popular vacation spot and most popular honeymoon spot for its awe-inspiring architecture and culture. There are many ways […]