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Big Onion Walking Tours – A Great Way to Experience New York City

Image from Big Onion Walking Tour Website

By Lakshmi:

Who?  Anyone interested in food, culture, history and walking around New York City.

What? The Big Onion Original Multi-Ethnic Eating Tour.

How? Sign up with Big Onion Walking Tours for a two-hour walking/eating extravaganza for $18 plus $5 for food.

Why? New York , the hub of America’s immigrant community, presents a plethora of food of every kind imaginable.  As travel buffs and foodies, we loved the fact that in just two hours, we could get an overview of the Jewish, Italian, Chinese and Dominican neighborhoods lining the lower east side and nosh on food from each of these communities along the way.  Dubbed some of the best walking tours in New York City, Big Onion offers a number of walking tours to cater to a variety of interests, enabling you to better understand the city.

You can find more information about the tours at http://www.bigonion.com/tour/eating/ and also sign up by calling 888-606-WALK

A Slice of Modern Art in South Beach- The Sagamore

Sagamore at South Beach

By: Rohan 

Shrouded by the endless rows of art-deco hotels in downtown South Beach, rests the Sagamore, a small white building dwarfed by the Ritz-Carlton next door. While the facade may not have much to offer visually, there is plenty of eye-candy that awaits behind its doors. The lobby is truly unique, sporting an interesting collection of modern art from all over the world. To your left, a picture of a group of people crowded in a busy Parisian street. To your right, paintings of a hibiscus flower that capture every detail while paying homage to the city’s heritage. The lobby has little furniture, a circular couch on one side of the room is the only place to sit. But you won’t need it thanks to the sheer amount of artwork and photography to arouse all your senses.

As you enter the main hallway, the left side of the wall slowly becomes covered in black and white photographs that together define the United States. The glitz and glamor of Hollywood is captured with the stunning Marilyn Monroe flashing her endearing smile and glittery white dress. Right next to it, a car pierced with bullet holes is the only sanctuary for a young African-American boy during the apex of the Civil Rights Movement.

Walk further down and you will find the hotel’s only restaurant, that changes its cuisine depending on the time of day. At breakfast, enjoy fresh rolls and delicious pastries with homemade jam. As the sun begins to set, the breakfast buffet transforms into a twenty-first century pizzeria, serving thin crust flat breads topped with mounds of vegetables and meats. It is here where you will find one of the most fascinating pieces of art in the entire hotel. The work is divided into four pieces and shows a young Muslim girl slowly losing her identity and blending in with society. Its design is simple, but its message is powerful.

As you exit the main building, you reach the pool area. A standard rectangular pool with cabanas and lounge chairs awaits with lush gardens and plasma screen televisions showing slideshows of famous artwork you can find around the hotel. As nightfall approaches, the pool deck conforms to the city’s art-deco style, vibrant in light, music, and of course, food. The palm trees resemble something out of a Dr. Seuss book, illuminated by colored lights and swaying gently in the breeze. The evening’s soundtrack is a medley of the waves of the ocean combined with soft rock music.

The rooms are spacious, stylish, and modern, resembling something out of a Star Wars movie. The furniture takes on shades of white and beige to contrast the color and vibrance that defines South Beach. Each room is a bungalow, containing two floors with two separate patios. Perfect for enjoying the Miami sunset while sipping on a delicious smoothie.

If you’re looking into comfortable lodging in one of the most iconic places in America, look no further than the Sagamore.

The Sagamore is located on Collins Avenue and is a short walk away from the shops and restaurants on Lincoln Road.

You can visit their site here: