Can an airport inspire poetry? Heathrow sure does!

By Rohan: A little girl plays with her mother’s hair. She twirls it in one arm and lets it go like a wind-up toy. Her hazel eyes gaze into the window of a Harrods, the store’s iconic bear staring back at her. She’s enchanted by the plush toy, hypnotized.   Next to the family is […]

A Photo Essay on the Baltimore Museum of Art

By Lakshmi: We’ve driven by the Baltimore Museum of Art many times, but this time decided to take the time out to explore what we discovered to be a hidden gem! From ancient Syrian mosaics to impressionist paintings to the work of Warhol, this museum surprises you at every corner. Here’s a tiny sampling of […]

A self portrait of a seventeen year globe trotter

By Sathya: This visual, The world is my oyster, captures how my travels have shaped my personality and bring to the surface a story which is uniquely me.  Throughout my seventeen blessed years of life, I’ve been fortunate to see more than many are in the position to do in their entire life.  From the pristine crafting […]