Food – The Ultimate Reason To Visit Ethiopia

Contributed by Sara Genene Today, we bring you the final installment of Sara Genene’s top five reasons to visit her home town of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia.  Needless to say no write-up on Ethiopia would be complete without a mention of its food. Ethiopian cuisine is as unique and diverse as the country and is […]

A Shopper’s Paradise Can Be Found in Ethiopia

Contributed by Sara Genene Today we bring you another compelling reason to visit Addis Ababa – Shopping!! Addis Ababa is home to the largest open market in Africa called Merkato and other colorful markets and souvenir shops where you can find the real feel of Ethiopia. Take a look at these pictures and you’ll encounter […]

Culture – A Compelling Reason To Visit Ethiopia

Contributed by Sara Genene We continue our journey on the top five reasons why you must make a trip to Addis Ababa.  After speaking about discovering hidden treasures and coffee, we bring you the number three reason to make this city a mandatory stop.  The culture of Ethiopia beckons you. Addis Ababa is an arena […]