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Au Breve Espresso- A Morning Pick Me Up

By Siddhi:

Though the high school population will shoo me away grudgingly when I say that college eight AMs are killer, they really just are the worst. Especially when your dorm and class are on opposite sides of the Village and every part of your body rattles under those cruel mid-October chills. But when you get your hands on the right cup of coffee on those unfortunate mornings (trying to be as dramatic as possible here…), everything becomes infinitely more bearable.

This morning, I discovered Au Breve Espresso tucked away in the early morning sunshine of Cooper Square in the East Village. Located adjacent to an arts preschool in the new Cooper Union building, the small but wonderfully slick designed coffee joint is a proud adopter of an initiative called the “Progressive Coffee Program”, which strives to sample the top  brews across the globe and deliver the best flavors on a seasonal basis. Which means that unlike most mainstream coffee companies that simply change the syrups of the same brews to market “new” beverages with season shifts, Au Breve actually changes what they brew throughout the course of the year. The bean origins are standout:

Colombia Cerro Del Reyez
El Salvador Andalucia COE #34
El Salvador Finca Buenos Aires Tablon #11
Ethiopia Ardi
Guatemala Chajulense
Honduras El Pinal Lote COE #8

Though my staple cappuccino order was smaller than I expected, coming in a lot tinier than what I thought their standard six ounce serving size would look like, it was simply divine.  The last time I had coffee that felt this great and satisfied my morning caffeine fix so thoroughly was at a cafe in Rome several years ago. That sentiment was fitting, considering Au Breve’s international bean outreach. In addition to its unique brews including Woodneck, Aeropress, V60, and Kalita, the coffee shop boasts a selection of breakfast pastries and post-meal desserts like macaroons and their signature rainbow marshmallows.

The real surprise on the menu? A masala chai latte! I haven’t tried it yet, but I know that I’ll absolutely be back to see if they do justice to the spices. I have faith.

Au Breve is a bit pricy considering the amount of coffee you actually get, but what you spend is nonetheless worth it. This is coffee that you can safely say was the highlight of your day, which is a big deal when you’re in Greenwich Village!

Au Breve Espresso is located between between 6th and 7th street at 51 Cooper Square, New York, NY 10003. The cafe is oddly closed on Saturdays and open on Sundays, so the best time to grab a cup off your favorite coffee is an early weekday morning when the crowds are minimal despite Cooper Union and NYU students being out and about.

To learn more about Au Breve and explore more of their offerings, click here:


Strand Book Store NYC- A Reader’s Haven

By Siddhi: 

Who?  Anyone who loves reading or has an interest in specialized books, music, and rare publications. And especially those who enjoy losing themselves in a labyrinth of endless history and creativity.

What? The Strand Book Store on 828 Broadway in New York City (in the East Village at the corner of East 12th Street). This is the main store. There is also a kiosk in Central Park.

How? You can walk on Broadway until you reach the store or take a subway to the Union Square subway station using the 4, 5, 6, L, N, Q, and R lines. Once you’re at Union Square, turn onto Broadway.

Why?  I passed Strand all the time walking from Washington Square Park to Union Square. I didn’t explore it at first because I thought it would be just like any other book store in the city. One day on whim I decided to walk in, and my search for good reads in the Great Apple has never been the same. The store occupies 55,000 square feet of space and houses new, used and out-of-print  literature, film, music, and rare books of every niche on its multi-level property. As a movie lover, I first made my way over to the books on film and was blown away by the unbelievable, never-ending shelves of books I have never heard of in my life. There were expansive collections of interviews from directors I never knew ended up publishing papers and theories on cinema and its production. If you look close enough, you can end up finding signed copies of books from notable filmmakers, musicians, and writers just laying on the shelves of Strand. It really is an amazing place for anyone who loves the arts. The store also has a section dedicated to very unique stationery and New York City themed clothing and accessories. You walk into Strand thinking you’ll spend ten to fifteen minutes in the store, and end up exploring for hours.

To learn more about Strand, go to the site here: