Pitango Gelato: Where Friends Reunite for Old World Favorites

By Rohan: This winter, I decided to visit one of my incredibly close friends from home who currently attends the University of Maryland. We decided to meet up at Gallery Place in Washington, DC, where the Capital Metro’s red line and green line intersect. We did not make any plans or reservations, that was never […]

Pat-A-Cake, Welsh Cake – A Tea Time Treat

By Lakshmi: Prior to even setting foot in South Wales, my husband’s colleagues insisted that we eat this local delicacy called Welsh Cake.  Never having heard of this dish (ok go ahead say it…did you not profess to be a gourmand?), I assumed it was a baked delicacy to be served at tea time. So […]

Heard Of A Dessert Called Buckle? Not Me!

By Lakshmi: A recent issue of Oprah Magazine had a recipe for a Raspberry Buckle.  A buckle?  Isn’t that what appears on belts and shoes?  Is that really a type of food?  Yup. Not only is it a food, it is a dessert… and as a  presumed dessert connoisseur, I was clueless about this genre. […]