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I got on the Dalgona coffee bandwagon

Oh, this is a short post to announce that I have joined the universe that has prepared Dalgona coffee. I’ve heard stories of its origin in India and South Korea, and its meteoric recent rise to fame in the Instagram and Tik Tok universes. So I had to make it.


  • 1 tbsp Instant coffee powder
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • 1 tbsp Kahlua
  • 1.5 tbsps water
  • 1 cup milk

How to:

1. I whisked the instant coffee powder, sugar, Kahlua, and water with the whisk attachment of my hand blender till they formed thick peaks.

2. I warmed a cup of milk for 10 seconds in a microwave, topped it with the peaks of coffee and enjoyed it.

Have you tried this concoction yet?


First Dates and Sleepy Nights: A Love Letter to Cafe Kubal

By Rohan

I’m sitting at the bar, my laptop open as rain patters against the side of the window. The sky is a murky shade of grey, the harbinger of a classic spring shower. A chipper barista, who is way too happy considering the dismal weather, brings me my cappuccino. The foam art is impeccable. I feel at home in the midst of midterms week.

Cafe Kubal is an institution in Syracuse, New York. With locations on University Hill, two shops downtown, and a few in the city’s suburbs, it is clear that central New Yorkers cannot get enough of Kubal’s globally inspired coffee. What sets this chain of coffee shops apart is the care and love that goes into every aspect of the Cafe Kubal experience. Each location is uniquely decorated, with the newest Creekwater Commons location boasting an Art Deco aesthetic to match the stunning Niagara Mohawk building across the street. Kubal isn’t just a coffee shop. It’s where students catch up with former professors, where lovebirds swoon over one another after a play, and where everyone, rich or poor, student or alumnus, can expect to be treated like family.

Coffee is only part of what makes Kubal so special. Their baked goods are absolutely divine. Treat yourself to a piece of their chocolate chip banana bread (perhaps dip it in your piping hot cappuccino as you people watch in Armory Square). In the mornings, nothing energizes you quite like their pour-over coffee and a warmed croissant that’s baked to perfection, flaky and buttery on the outside and soft on the inside, practically melting in your mouth. If you have an unquenchable sweet tooth, try their Monkey Bread, made with walnuts, honey, and cinnamon for the ultimate midday dessert. The possibilities are endless and regardless of what you get, you’re in for a meal that is made with love.

We highly recommend making a stop in Syracuse to try this amazing chain of coffee roasters. They have two locations downtown, one by campus, and in Eastwood with a food truck that is usually out and about in the summertime. We can promise you that you’re in for a spectacular treat.

For more about Cafe Kubal, visit their website: www.cafekubal.com

Love, Anguish, Tears, Laughter and Joy – An Obituary To Our Beloved DeLonghi Perfecta Espresso Machine

By Lakshmi:

Monday was a dark day in our family.  Our beloved DeLonghi Perfecta Espresso Machine refused to be part of our lives.  How can the central glue to our existence for the last 3.5 years give up on us without a fight?  The Esc Ok lights came on.  Multiple attempts at resets and revival failed and one of the greatest joys of our life just left us cold.  We could not start our days with our special cappuccinos; we could not come home to our lovingly brewed espressos.  I looked longingly at the machine, hoping my love would resurrect it, but that was not meant to be.

Just in case any of you is thinking of me as a drama queen, let me walk you through the journey we embarked on 40 months ago.  Williams Sonoma had just advertised the upscale Perfecta machine on sale.  A $1,300 machine was available for a steal for as long as supplies lasted.  I called every Williams Sonoma within a 60 mile radius and each one was sold out within minutes.  And then lady luck showered her blessings.  A store 80 miles away had one in stock and they could ship one to me.

From that moment, the DeLonghi Perfecta became a pivotal glue in our lives.  Each day, the coffee it brewed permeated our senses filling us with joy and contentment.  The reputation of our new household member spread quickly to family and friends.  Visitors started arriving to partake in the brew.  Teenagers congregated for hours on end to get their exotic coffees without spending a dime.  Adults lingered for hours enriching our home with laughter and good vibes.  Pretty soon, every moment of happiness and sadness was intertwined with endless cups of good coffee.

And then the end…it was so sudden.  So unanticipated.  Of course, a resurrection maybe possible for a fee – We will have to ship the entire unit to a service center to get an estimate which could cost me dearly.

Despite feeling like a bit of a traitor, we ordered a smaller DeLonghi machine. It came, it occupied a little corner in our kitchen and brewed us our first cups of cappuccino this evening.  But, it cannot hold a candle to the grandeur, the scale, the taste and the impact exuded by our Perfecta.

The condolences are pouring in from all those who congregated with it.  The outpour is amazing.  And the verdict is unanimous – we cannot go back to a life without the Perfecta.  It needs to come back into our lives and fill it with more love, joy and endless, amazing caffeine filled journeys.