When a Childhood Dream Comes True – Words Cannot Express the Experience

By Lakshmi: “The Unusual Stories of Angkor Wat”, was the headline of a lesson in middle school.  I distinctly remember the words sounding exotic and how quickly the teacher’s voice receded to the background as I transported myself to the jungles of Cambodia.   The temples were built by King Suryavarman II in the early 12th […]

24,901 Miles A Second

By: Siddhi (written after a trip to Lhasa, Tibet in 2007)  The globe spins, rotating effortlessly beneath the twirl of my fingertips. The blur of colors surge in a whirlpool motion, fascinating, but incoherent. 24, 901 miles flash before my eyes every few seconds.  I just saw the entire world twenty times in a single […]