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Jardim Botanico, Rio – Nature’s Beauty in Pictures

These pictures  were taken during a spring trip to Rio.  We spent several hours at this oasis in the heart of Rio.  You can also read about visiting at http://pauperswithouttravel.com/2012/07/08/jardim-botanico-a-tranquil-haven-in-rio/

A beautiful fountain adds to the tranquility
A bench beckons you to relax
Soothing waterfalls create inviting nooks
The bright flowers enliven the space
One of a zillion flowers that we saw
A master weaver displays his wares
Someone plays hide and seek
Tree trunks add to the texture and depth
And Christ the Redeemer adds the ultimate grace to what we see

Jardim Botanico – A Tranquil Haven in Rio

I can pose too

By Lakshmi:

Who?  If you are in Rio and want to escape the crowds, you are an ardent lover of nature, you love to seek out new flora and fauna or simply want a spot where you can relax and the kids can run around.

What? The Jardim Botanico, a botanical garden in the heart of Rio.  The park is open from 8:00 am t0 5:00 pm daily and entrance fees are $R6.  It is free for kids under the age of 7 and seniors.

Rua Jardim Botanico 1008, Rio de Janeiro, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Phone: 021-3874-1808

How? Since this is a Rio landmark, you can have a taxi take you there or depending on your location, just walk it.  We decided to walk it from our hotel in Leblon and take in the sights and people along the way.  It was a long, hot walk.

Why?  For us, it was our last day in Rio and we wanted to spend the day relaxing.  The Jardim seemed like a much-needed oasis.  The entrance was pretty majestic, lined with super tall palm trees on either side.  Right away, it was a nice break from the heat we had on our long walk.  We gravitated towards a fountain and sat there watching the joggers in the park, an artist painting, kids playing hide and seek, and some seniors taking a leisurely stroll.  After a short break, we decided to walk around.  We love nature, but certainly are ignorant when it comes to knowing our plants.  All we can collectively say is that we saw more varieties of indigenous and exotic in one spot than anywhere else we had experienced recently.  What intrigued us more was the animals we saw.  We love monkeys and they were howling and having fun.  We saw marmosets, birds (did we really see a Toucan?) and more.  And then we saw what to me made the visit complete.  As we looked up, there among the parted trees was Christ the Redeemer enveloping Rio with his outstretched arms.

To learn more about Jardim Botanico, click here: