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Drink the world in Downtown Syracuse

By Rohan:

Step into Wolff’s Biergarten on Montgomery Street and all of a sudden, you are transported from a chilly Syracuse evening to a festive indoor biergarten. The space is complete with the signature wooden tables, flags from Germany’s provinces, and passionate soccer fans leaving their worries at the door in exchange for a pint of Hofbrau München and a good time with friends.

When I walked into Wolff’s this weekend, I felt like I was back at Munich, knocking back a beer under a starry night in the English Gardens. For a city its size, Syracuse is home to an abundance of international restaurants and bars. Last night, I was determined to see it all; to taste the world without leaving downtown.

From Wolff’s, we headed over to Benjamin’s across from the famed Italian eatery Pastabilities. We traded our jolly German digs for a speakeasy themed to the heroes of the American Revolution. The walls are adorned with portraits of Franklin, Jefferson, and Hamilton. A giant replica of the Constitution welcomes patrons as they relax on the outdoor courtyard and marvel at the night sky.

Just down the street is Kitty Hoynes, a pub that serves as a testament to the strong Irish population in the Syracuse area. Stepping in through that threshold, I was whisked away to festive evenings in Dublin’s Temple Bar district. A duo performed classic Irish tunes onstage as locals gathered around, cradling glasses of dark, frothy Guinness as they celebrated life with complete strangers.

My friend and I smiled as we watched a gorgeous spring day turn into a chilly winter night. We marveled at the great Irish artists that plastered the walls, from Yeats to Joyce to Bono. The cold mugginess was suddenly normalized. We were in Dublin, a city that fights grey skies with good times. Last night, Syracuse proved to do just the same.

A Local’s Top Picks for Eating Out in Tokyo

Gonpachi Nishi Azabu
Photo from “The Expat’s Guide to Japan”

Contributed by Yuta and Sugandhi:

Yuta and Sugandhi are transplants from Tokyo, now living in the Chicago area.  Recently they had friends ask them to recommend their favorite restaurants/locations to eat in Tokyo and this is what made their list.

  1. Ebisu station area:  The station is attached to several trendy department stores and restaurants; it also features a standing-only noodle shop (inside the train station).  World famous for its beer: Ebisu
  2. Roppongi area:  Shady (in the evenings) nightclubby-area which has some amazing restaurants.  Also known for “Roppongi Hills”, probably the tallest building in Tokyo.  Many decent sushi restaurants here, such as Sushi Zanmai, Sushi-Kou.  TGI Fridays is here too, in case you want something “American.”
  3. Cerveza (restaurant / pub in Roppongi): Great collection of beer.  Most interestingly has a “bucket” sized beer glass you can enjoy a Hoegarden in.  Fun but comes a bit expensive.
  4. Ichibecho (restaurant in Roppongi):  Features nabe (hot-pot) and yakitori (food on sticks); known for their chicken but fish/veggies are delectable, too.
  5.  Belt Conveyer Sushi: Katsu Midori Sushi:  Belt conveyer style sushi restaurant with top-notch stuff. Located inside the Meguro Station. Great selection, and fairly cheap.
  6. Gonpachi (restaurant near Roppongi):  Cool restaurant where they filmed “Kill Bill.”  Food is decent, and tourist friendly.  A bit overpriced though.
  7. Soba Noodles: Kawakami-An: Really good soba noodles restaurant in Azabu Ju-ban area. If you’re in the area, definitely worth checking it out!
  8. Ramen Noodles: Kuro-Fune:  Always a long line during lunch time on weekdays. The owner supposedly won a competition on a TV show. Good stuff. HAPPY EATING!!!!