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The Beach At Ostio Attica Near Rome – A Photo Essay

At the end of our really lovely culture, food, fashion filled people gawking experience in Italy, we decided to spend our last day in Rome chilling out at the beach at Ostio Attica, a 45 minute train ride from the city.  It was the end of August, the beach had very few souls and we got some lovely sun and black sand.

Ostia Map
Where is Ostia Attica?
Source: utexas.edu
Ostio Attica 1
The graffiti painted train to Ostio Attica
Ostio Attica 2
A distant view of the water
Ostio Attica 13
The colorful setup at the shore
Ostio Attica 5
The blackish sand is finally visibleOstio Attica 12
Ostio Attica 10
The sand up close
Ostio Attica 6
A close up of the waves
Ostio Attica 4
The many hued meeting of the water and sand
Ostio Attica 8
A picture postcard perfect view!

The Island of Sanya, China in Photos

These pictures were taking on the island of Sanya in China over the course of a few beautiful summer days. Of all the tropical places we’ve had the privilege of experiencing here at Paupers, Sanya still remains one of the most visually astonishing landmarks of natural beauty.











Ilha Grande – Famed Brazilian Beauty at its Best

These pictures were taken during a Spring trip to Rio Di Janeiro.  We took a much recommended day trip to hike Ilha Grande and had an absolutely spectacular day.  To read more about our day, click here: http://pauperswithouttravel.com/2012/04/28/three-women-an-eduardo-spectacular-scenery-and-tough-hiking-one-memorable-ilha-grande/

Beauty from the beginning of our journey
A beautiful church
A few idyllic pousadas along the way
We saw views like this all day
We met the most talented weaver!
Gorgeous people! We looked on with envy.
What is that on the sand?
Azure is no longer just a dictionary word.
Can water look any more beautiful?
It wasn’t just the water. Look at these mountains.