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Anywhere on Planet Earth – The Beauty in Nature is Simply Amazing

Double Rainbow 

By Lakshmi:

Who? Anyone on Planet Earth

What? Nature

How? This particular attraction is free for all.  It is one of the great equalizing factors in life.  The open skies and natural beauty are out there for one and all to enjoy.

Why?  If you’ve read one or more of our posts, you know how much we appreciate the gift of exploring a new place or a new experience.  But I have to say that there is many a moment when I have sat on my deck or laid in a hammock beneath a willow tree and just been so, so grateful for that moment of beauty, existence, solitude, harmony and being one with nature.

And last evening was one of those evenings where a hue of transformations happened as I sat transfixed.  The sunny skies with clear blue clouds transformed into a dark, grey atmosphere.  I could hear the raindrops trickle down on our windows and form little spots  on our deck.  And then came the downpour, completely unannounced, like an uninvited guest who is angry and crashes in.  That lasted all of ten minutes and just as the rain vanished, the sun emerged, bathing everything around us with the most brilliant shade of light.  As I got ready to take a picture and put the camera to my eye, there emerged a glorious double rainbow.  What a sight!  And the amazing thing is anyone could have enjoyed this absolutely beautiful landscape painting created by an unknown artist.