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The Most Patriotic Pie on the Planet – We The Pizza

We The Pizza, Washington DC

By: Rohan  

While on a trip to Washington D.C. to explore the rich history and majestic monuments the city has to offer, my friends and I came across a little pizza place serving up pies worthy for a President. This is no Papa John’s. This is We the Pizza.

The restaurant has a unique style that puts a twist on the classic Brooklyn style pizzeria. The white and black furniture contrasts the splashes of red on the walls, making for a fun and vibrant place to enjoy a divine slice of Sicilian with a great view of the Capitol Rotunda.

We the Pizza is located a few blocks away from the hustling political headquarters that is the National Mall. A seven minute walk at most, it is nestled among bakeries and coffee houses and begs you to enter with its enticing aroma of a fresh Margherita pie steaming in the oven. We the Pizza offers slices ranging from the traditional to the unconventional, with toppings like jalapeños and bananas. Every slice is served sizzling from the huge oven that dominates the bottom floor of the restaurant. We the Pizza offers outdoor seating where businessmen and people-watchers alike can stop by to get a sense of life in downtown D.C.

Next time you find yourself visiting the nation’s capital, We the Pizza is a spot you don’t want to miss!

We the Pizza is located on 305 SW Pennsylvania Avenue right off of Capitol Hill.

Visit their web site here: 

Lunch at the Four Seasons Sultanahmet, Istanbul – Great history, uninspiring meal

Four Seasons Sultanahmet

By: Lakshmi 

We wanted our last day in Istanbul to be special, so we headed over for a late lunch to the Four Seasons Sultanahmet in the heart of the old city.  Located a stone’s throw from the 17th century Blue Mosque and a short walk from the grand bazaar, the site was on our list of places to visit since Conde Naste Traveler had done a write-up on how a former Turkish prison had been converted into this luxury hotel.

From the moment we approached the yellow colored facade of the hotel, each of us was trying to envision what the place might have looked like as a prison.  We imagined prisoners looking out of the window into the inner courtyard, visualized them exercising in the central area, and of course saw the stark environment that must have prevailed in place of the perfectly landscaped space with an abundance of perfect topiary and blooms.

After walking through the absolutely stunning property, we settled on dining at  the Season’s Restaurant.  It felt ostentatious to have three people attending to our needs, but the service was discreet, yet efficient.  We ordered the Selection Turkish Mezze Plate, Homemade Ricotta Ravioli – Pine Nut, Dry Fig, Braised Eggplant and Red Currants, Sage Sauce and the Red Lentil Soup – Yoghurt and Crispy Pita Bread.  Every dish was fresh, but lacked flavor.  We were taken aback that a property with access to some of the freshest ingredients could disappoint.  The dessert with ice-cream and an assortment of turkish sweets was mediocre as well.  We had tasted better in less grander surroundings.

As we finished paying for a pretty pricey lunch, the big question was, would we do it again?  And the answer was YES….. the hotel is a must do visit, albeit the next time, we will settle for coffee or drinks.

To read more about the Four Seasons Sultanahmet, click here.

Ivy’s Bistro – Our favorite little place to eat in NYC

An update:  Sadly, Ivy’s Bistro closed their doors in 2015 and life for us is not quiet the same when we pass by Tribeca!!

By Lakshmi:

Ivy’s Bistro – The name kept coming up in restaurant reviews as a casual place with great food, as a place with no pretenses but great service, a place to hang with kids.  And so one day with Siddhi and two of her friends in tow, we finally landed up at this bistro in Tribeca.

I distinctly remember every aspect of that meal – We ordered their famed baked garlic bread with creamy warm pesto sauce, the penne arrabiata and the cheese quesedillas.  Simple foods, oft-repeated on restaurant menus, this assortment makes a distinctive mark due to the freshness of the food and the warmth of the staff.   We savored every bite and there was not one morsel of food left on our plates.  Of course, with our sweet tooth, we had to have dessert which came in the form of blueberry crisp and triple chocolate cake.  The blueberry crisp which is made fresh and takes extra time to bake is to die for.  The sweetness of the molten blueberries form the perfect companion to the crunchy oatmeal crisp.  Just like our main course, we polished off our entire dessert, feeling so incredibly happy and satiated.  As we walked off into Tribeca that evening, we knew that we would be back and the bistro would be our special spot to bring friends or just hang out in the city.

Since then, we have returned for many meals at Ivy’s, each experience as lovely as our first one.

If you are in the Tribeca area, please do try them out.  Ivy’s is located at

385 Greenwich St
New York

Phone: 212-343-1139