We are a trio who happen to be family.  Eavesdrop on any of our conversations and within minutes you will feel our pulsating passion and excitement for food, travel and new experiences! Reading about places is magical, planning a trip is joyful, getting bargains warms our hearts and touching down in any new destination fulfills us more than anything else ever could.   We take trips to eat and joyfully recreate the same magic in out kitchens.  Each of our identities has been shaped by our diverse exposures to an amazing body of mankind….and this is why we believe that we will always have a lifelong, global affair with seeing, understanding, and reacting to the world.

Travel has become an indispensable part of our hearts and souls. And good food is interwoven into the fabric of travel and new experiences.  But does the world really need one more travel and food blog? We can’t answer that. But our goal is to extend this forum beyond ourselves and our own reflections, and to engage in a dialogue with fellow globetrotters- to create a place that is a blended cocktail of trip narratives, travel tips, the joys and woes of hotels and airplanes, and a diverse palette of everything else that shapes our tremendous cultural landscape. We will write about the mundane and the exotic….you are as likely to find a post on eating the most amazing falafels for under five bucks in NYC as you are to get a peek at the favelas in Brazil. We invite you to our home online. Visit, linger and share your own experiences.

In the words of the great Robert Louis Stevenson, “For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.”

And that’s what we do here at A Global Affair. We never stop moving.




Lakshmi is a marketing professional by day, who would love to bake like Jacques Torres, write like Khaled Hosseini, dress like Coco Chanel, do good like Bill Gates, and travel like the team at AFAR magazine. She hopes A Global Affair will be her vehicle…to share and convert some of those dreams to reality.


Siddhi is a  graduate from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, and is currently pursuing her love for travel and storytelling through socially impactful work. She lives for good coffee, good stories, and high risk thrills- dreaming with Jack Kerouac’s eternal manifesto: “No matter, the road is life.”



Rohan Krishnan is a recent graduate in Advertising and Information Management from Syracuse University who plans to take the advertising world by storm!  When he is not working, Rohan is off seeing the world, playing video games, following the travel and tech industries and of course indulging in his passion for food!

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