From Academia To The Ashmolean, Why Oxford Is a Must Do

By Lakshmi:

Oxford needs no introduction and certainly you don’t need another person to educate you on why to go!  But, given that we had such a marvelous time, we can’t help ourselves from sharing why we loved the city so 🙂

1) Easy connections:  The city of Oxford is connected via trains, buses and more from most major cities and minor ones in the United Kingdom.  We traveled there from our home in Abergavenny.  It took us a few hours and a couple of train changes, but it was an easy trip.  Here’s a link to help plan your journey using trains.

2) Making connections: Read Alice in Wonderland? Love Hugh Grant? How about Le Carre? Ever watch Nigella cook? Eager to watch Rosamund Pike in Gone Girl? From authors to chefs to actors and more, Oxford University has connections to achievers around the world.  See link below to learn more.

3) Enticing studenthood: Is studenthood even a frequently used word?  But, we do know one thing for sure.  The vast trove of architecturally impressive buildings and array of subjects offered made us long for studenthood.

4) Amazing eavesdropping: Don’t judge us.  But when you have a city with one of the most brilliant universities, you overhear a lot of very interesting conversations.  And there is an eclectic mix of restaurants and cafes to indulge in this sport.

5) Astonishing Ashmolean: This museum is simply superb.  Housing a rich collection of art and archeology, this museum’s treasures deserve several hours.  And best of all, it is free!

Do you have a favorite aspect of Oxford?

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