Fascinated By The Titanic? Take a Tour Where It Was Built!

By Lakshmi:

Like a zillion people around the world, I’ve been smitten by the Titanic.  I’ve read a myriad of books and articles on the topic, cried as I watched its splendor unfold on the big screen and continue to be  moved by its stories.  So, it should come as no surprise that during our recent trip to Dublin, I had to take the 90 minute drive to Belfast to pay homage to the place where this magnificent beauty was built.

According to the BBC, “The launch of the Titanic in April 1912 was the crowning achievement of a remarkable era of shipbuilding in the city.”  Today, one can take a virtual tour through the grandeur, the hard work, the agony and ecstasy that prevailed in Belfast during its hey day.

Plan several hours to visit this attraction, pre-reading the things you want to do here at http://www.titanicbelfast.com/

Here are some of the highlights of the tour!

– Get an orientation to Belfast when ship building thrived here as an industry



– Hear more about the age-old friction between England and Ireland


– Take a “Shipyard Ride” to experience close to first hand how ship builders worked


– Get the most realistic virtual tour of the Titanic


– Take a peek into the lives of the privileged and poor who embarked on this fatal voyage



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