Celebrate a Special Evening in New York City – Awesome Food, A Spectacular Bridge and Beautiful Views

We recently celebrated a birthday in New York City.  Food anchored both ends of the celebration and the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge played host in between.  Here’s how we had one of the “bestest” evenings ever.

  1.  Start with an early dinner in South Sea Port:  The entire South Sea Port area is a smorgasboard of places to eat, drink, shop and people watch.  We kicked off our celebration at Acqua, a lovely restaurant with Italian food and an amazing wine bar.  For a complete list of places to shop, eat and more visit http://www.southstreetseaport.com/directory/
The wine collection at Acqua
  1.  Walk the Brooklyn Bridge:  This is a must do bucket list item in New York City.
Walkers on the Brooklyn Bridge
  1.  Veer towards DUMBO and walk towards the waterfront, sampling the assortment of small stores and boutiques along the way.  For a complete list of attractions along the waterfront, click here:


  1. Grab dessert at the one and only Jacques Torres.  We binged on cookies and ice-cream.  The melt in your mouth chocolate chip cookies and the chocolate ice-cream spiked with just a bit of pepper feeling totally justifiable intake post our long walk.
Source: http://www.mrchocolate.com/news/about/locations/dumbo/
  1. Sit back on the benches along the waterfront taking in the people, the ferries and of course the spectacular beauty of a quieter, more private part of New York City.
New York City as seen from Dumbo

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