Stalactites, Stalagmites And Dinosaurs – Come Together At Dan-yr-Ogof, Wales

By Lakshmi:

It is an absolutely beautiful day here in South Wales.  Clear skies, warm weather, a nice breeze, vintage cars with their tops down and motorbikes cruising across the motorways.  On an impulse we decide to take a picturesque ride through the Brecons Beacons National Park and head up to a promising spot – one where rock formations from millions of years ago meet up with that extinct family of exotic species also known as dinosaurs.

The National Showcaves Centre for Wales hosts an eclectic group of visitors!  Studious observers of natural phenomenon blend in with family trying to recreate a day at Jurassic Park.  It was in 1912 that the Morgan Brothers discovered the 11 mile long cave system.  For a fee of 13.75 pounds for adults and eight pounds for kids, we were able to venture through the part open to the general public.  Deeper recesses are accessible to experienced cavers.  Named as one of the greatest wonders of Great Britain, the caves present a marvelous kaleidoscope of rock formations created over centuries by mother nature.  If rock formations are not your cup of tea, and dinosaurs are, you will find yourself in a picturesque tropical environs surrounded by life scale models of dinosaurs from every period.

Our photo essay below shows a fraction of what we discovered.  For those far removed from Wales, the interactive video at can be a great armchair journey.

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