Top Five Reasons You Should Visit Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Part 1

Contributed by Sara Genene

This week we are very pleased to bring you a series of photo essays from a part of the world not featured frequently on our site – Africa.  We are privileged to have our guest writer Sara Genene bring you the world of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  Sara, a native of Addis brings you her perspective on the top five reasons to make a visit to her hometown.  When I finished looking at her posts, all I wanted to do was board the next flight over.

We hope you enjoy this multi-day journey through Sara’s lens (her words and photos).

Here’s the start of Sara’s invitation to visit her homeland.

Addis Ababa is the capital city of Ethiopia.  The name Addis Ababa contains two Amharic words, which simply means “New Flower”. Addis Ababa is also referred to as the “Capital City of Africa” because of being a lively nucleus of social, political and economic activity and home to such prominent headquarters as the Organization of African Unity and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa.  It is the city where you can really capture the essence of Ethiopia and the spirit of Africa in general. Here are the top five reasons why you should visit Addis Ababa.

Reason 1:  Witness The Hidden Treasures Of Ethiopia

No matter who you are or where you from, Addis Ababa is the only city in the world where you can visit your ancestors.

Stay tuned for the number two reason to visit Addis – (Hint – It’s a beverage!)

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