The Beauty Of St. Paul’s Cathedral, London – Inside And Out

These pictures were taken during a recent Spring trip to London.  Despite having visited this landmark many times in the past, going there near closing time gave the spot a particularly tranquil feel and our first glimpse at the night-time view was priceless!

To read more about why St. Paul’s is London’s ultimate vantage point, click here:

3 thoughts on “The Beauty Of St. Paul’s Cathedral, London – Inside And Out”

  1. There’s such drama in seeing an architectural masterpiece by night, isn’t there? An experience that comes to mind is glimpsing Petra’s Treasury by dramatic candlelight, then revisiting it in the early morning sunshine.

    1. So true Tricia. Petra is already high up on our list of places to visit and your comment just made me long for it more. Really loving your journeys and your simplistic approach to talking about it. Stay connected.

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